LG G6 Troubleshooting

Welcome to our LG G6 (#LGG6) troubleshooting page!


We will be putting in here all the links that point to the troubleshooting guides we published on our site for the LG G6. Those guides will contain problems that were sent to us by our readers as well as solutions and troubleshooting methods that we think are effective in solving the issues. It will be updated each week or every time we publish new articles so make sure you bookmark this page if you’re planning to purchase LG’s 2017 flagship so that it would be easier for you to find it in case you need assistance.

Aside from the problem and troubleshooting guides, we will also be publishing tutorials, tips and practical tricks that you can use daily so that you can enjoy your device even more. News or updates about new firmware will also be posted here so that you can have a one-stop troubleshooting page.

Take time to browse every section in this page to see if there are issues that are similar with your problems. Don’t worry, everything you see here is free so you can use our solutions anytime, anywhere. If you, however, you have other concerns that you can’t find here, you can always contact us by completing our Android issues questionnaire, don’t worry, it’s also free. All we need is information about the problem so that we know where to begin our troubleshooting.


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