reset apps on galaxy s20 clear data

How To Reset Apps On Galaxy S20

To reset apps on Galaxy S20, or any Android phone for that matter, means to clear its cache and data. You would only need to do this procedure if you’re having issues with the app you use. What it does is bring the app back to its default settings or configuration, as well as delete

Galaxy Buds vs AirPods Pro Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in 2020

Gone are the days of using wired headphones. Today, it’s all about wireless earbuds. Popular among these are truly wireless earbuds, which offers the freedom to move freely without having to deal with wires of any kind. This is why something like the Apple AirPods Pro is dominating the market right now. However, the AirPods

Enable Accidental touch protection

How To Turn On Accidental Touch Protection On the Note10

With its huge 6.8-inch display, it’s no wonder that part of the screen may register unintentional touches that can open apps or perform actions that we don’t want to happen. Unnecessary screen touches can often lead to battery drain as the screen may wake up a lot of times without you knowing it. With its

reset accessibility settings galaxy s20 reset acc settings

How To Reset Accessibility Settings On Galaxy S20

The accessibility settings on your Galaxy S20, or any smartphone for that matter, are intended for people with hearing impairments, limited sight, or difficulties with interaction and dexterity. But if you look closely into the options you can find under Accessibility, you can find options that are actually pretty useful. In fact, many owners have

Galaxy S20 Trio

Verizon Galaxy S20 Delayed Until Spring

Verizon will delay the arrival of the base model of Galaxy S20 until Spring this year. This is because Verizon only offers mmWave 5G support while the entry-level Galaxy S20 is only compatible with sub-6 5G networks. The phone will cost the same when it breaks cover, although Verizon and Samsung have not provided a

How To Copy Contacts From Samsung Phone To SIM Card

Knowing how to copy contacts from your Samsung phone to a SIM card can come handy if you plan on keeping a copy of numbers in a portable storage that you can later on access in another phone. In order to move your contacts, you must make sure that you have a working SIM card.

text on PC with Android Google Messages

How To Text On PC With Android Messages

Android users will be pleased to know that they can now text comfortably on their PC, thanks to Google Messages. At this time, Android devices can add Google’s app and link to their PC for a new to send and receive SMS.  All text conversations you have will be shown in your PC so it’s

Do Not Disturb on Samsung Quick Access Menu

How To Turn On Do Not Disturb In Samsung

Many Samsung phones have a feature called Do Not Disturb to allow a user to block notifications in a certain time frame. If you’re looking forward to avoiding notifications during a part of your day, like during sleeping time, turning on Do Not Disturb mode is the easy way to do that.  Learn how to

How To Reset Network Settings On Galaxy S20

When you reset network settings on Galaxy S20, or any smartphone for that matter, you are refreshing the network services. So if you have issues with your phone that are related to connectivity, such a procedure should be able to fix those problems.  That’s why if ever you encounter some issues with your phone’s connections,

auto restart galaxy s20 all set

How To Auto Restart Galaxy S20

A restart can do more than just turning your phone off and back on. It actually refreshes your device’s memory and reloads all applications and services. That’s why it’s recommended to restart your phone every now and then as it helps make everything run smoothly. And in this post, I will show you how to

How To Fix Pink Lines Or Dead Pixels On A Samsung

If you noticed dead pixels or abnormal pink lines on the screen, it may be caused by a software glitch, or an unknown Samsung screen bug. It’s really not uncommon to notice a couple of pixels going dark sometimes but you notice it all the time already, it can be an indication of a problem. 

force restart galaxy s20

How to Soft Reset or Force Restart Galaxy S20 + Some FAQs

The soft reset or forced restart is a very important procedure because even high-end devices like the Galaxy S20 may encounter issues every now and then. This is one of the most effective solutions you can use to fix minor problems with the firmware or even with the hardware. As an owner, you should know

factory reset galaxy s20 delete all

How To Factory Reset Galaxy S20

It is important that you know how to factory reset Galaxy S20, or any smartphone for that matter, because problems occur every now and then even to high-end devices.  No matter what the problem is, you can always expect that a factory reset will fix it, especially if it’s not really that serious.  The procedure

restart galaxy s20 reboot

How To Shutdown And Restart Galaxy S20

It is very important that you know how to properly shutdown and restart Galaxy S20. These procedures seem very simple that we often overlook them but they’re actually pretty important to make our devices run smoothly.  In fact, they’re the most basic troubleshooting procedures you can do if your Galaxy S20 is acting up. They