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Samsung Knox Notifications

Removing Samsung Knox Notifications

Samsung Knox aims to make up for the Android operating system’s security vulnerabilities. The new feature is supposedly Android’s response to the high-end security features of iOS and BlackBerry devices. Then, after the 4.3 update, Knox got integrated to the App Tray. Selecting this will automatically install the app and upgrade your security settings. However,

Questions regarding S Planner Tasks in Galaxy Note 5, other issues

Our post today resolved five #GalaxyNote5 issues submitted by members of our community. If you don’t find a solution to your own Note 5 problem here, kindly visit this page. Below are the specific topics covered in this material today: Questions regarding S Planner Tasks in Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 5 S Pen stops working

Google reveals new set of notifications for Android Wear devices

Android Wear is certainly an innovative project and has captured the attention of all Android users. The initial concept was shown off with a few native apps and notifications which the platform could leverage. But Google has now published a new set of notifications which an Android Wear device will be capable of handling. This was expected

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 notification sound

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Text Notifications Not Showing Up

Recently, we received a message from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner who is experiencing problems in his notifications. In his message, he stated that his text notifications are not showing up. For people who are experiencing this problem, here are some possible ways to fix the problem: 1. Reboot the Phone Assuming that your

Google adds Notifications to Chrome OS and Web apps

Google has now added the ability to add push notification to developers web apps for Chrome the browser and Chrome OS, Google’s Cloud Messaging for Chrome will allow web developers to send messages to Google’s servers; the message will then be transferred to the browser in real time. Push Notifications Finally Available on Chrome Browser