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best cellphone holders for desk

5 Best Cell Phone Holders for Desk

Our mobile devices make information sharing and instant connectivity possible wherever we go and whatever we do. But when we are at the desk swamped with important tasks, multi-tasking with one hand on our phones becomes a counter-productive move. This is when the 5 best cellphone holder for desk become valuable productivity tools. The Benefits

tim tebow tmobile

Tebow Cameo For T-Mobile Commercial on Superbowl Sunday

Tim Tebow has finally made it to the Super Bowl!  As many of you know, one of the most polarizing sports figure,  Tim Tebow, has been out of the NFL and out of football since the New England Patriots released him. Although, he continues to pursue a career as a starting quarterback in the NFL,

Update on LG Optimus G KitKat release

Got another update from one of our readers regarding the LG Optimus G KitKat update and the additional details we had on that story. Below is the email from our reader, who found the original story from XDA Forum: Bad news this time, LG Electronics Estonia has just released a new post on their Facebook

Re: LG Optimus G Android 4.4 KitKat Update in Estonia

Android updates have always been a hot topic for Android owners and readers,  so when we wrote about the LG Optimus G updated with Android 4.4 KitKat, it caused a stir in the Android community.   One of our readers actually was kind enough to point out some more details that came from this story: After

Essential Tools for Business Security

Whether your company is large or small, cyber criminals are constantly targeting it. Offences that involve businesses account for 20 per cent of all recorded crime in the UK, every year. It’s hardly surprising: stealing from business operations is extremely lucrative for criminals. While you’ve probably taken measures to protect your premises against vandalism and

3CX Phone System Version 12 for Android – Review

If you are always on the go, or simply do not want to miss a call on your office phone, 3CX Phone System may just be the solution for you.  The system, along with the free apps, will allow you to make and receive your office calls for free from your Android smartphone. 3CXPhone for

Time to Say Goodbye: Top Tips for Recycling Your Android Phone

No matter how top-of-the-range your Android handset is when you first buy it, it’s inevitable that your mobile will begin to show its age eventually. When upgrade time comes around, don’t just dump your phone in the nearest bin; phone recycling offers an environmentally friendly route that can earn you some cash to put towards


TEC Asurion: An Insurance Policy and a Tool to Track Android Phone

Some Android phone users subscribed to a contract with Verizon Wireless are baffled about the TEC Asurion charges that keep on getting reflecting on their billing. The particular item appears as TEC Asurion Single Tier and it charges subscribers around $6.99 per month for smartphones up to $10.99 on other devices like tablets. According to

track android phone

Track Android Phone That Has Been Lost With AndroidLost

AndroidLost is a mobile application packed with features that will let you track Android phone that has been lost, stolen or simply misplaced. It is an app developed by Theis Borg and it is available in Google Play store for free. However, availing of its premium version will cost you. AndroidLost Track Android Phone Features

plan b track android phone

Plan B Track Android Phone Software: Can You Rely On It?

Plan B, as its name implies, is something that you can rely on if you need to track Android phone when it is already lost and you have no other alternatives. Unlike other track Android phone apps that require to be installed while using your phone, this one can be installed remotely using another device.

track android phone

Track Android Phone with Lookout Security & Antivirus App

Recently, we featured Plan B as your last resort to track Android phone that has been lost if you do not have any locator software installed. If you think that the product is awesome, you might want to check out Lookout Security & Antivirus too. This product is from Lookout Mobile Security, the same developer

spy bubble

Track Android Phone Like A Detective Using SpyBubble

SpyBubble claims to be the world’s “most advanced” track Android phone software. This is because it is packed with high-end features that will not only help you track Android phone that has been missing, but it will also let you spy or learn more about the person in possession of the phone where it is

track android phones

Track Android Phone – All You Have To Know About the Tools

Track Android phone tools are very helpful for people who always misplace their smartphones, especially if they own one of the best android phones on the market right now, like the Galaxy S4, or the upcoming Moto X. These tools are also great for finding missing or stolen phones. Due to the very small sizes

Google I/O 2013: Expected News and Product Releases

Google will be holding their annual developers conference at downtown San Francisco at the Moscone Center, from May 15th to the 17th.  The focus of the tech community will be on the keynote on day 1, which Google will take this opportunity to announce some exciting news and products. Android Key Lime Pie Not Expected