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5 Best Cell Phone Holders for Desk

best cellphone holders for desk

Our mobile devices make information sharing and instant connectivity possible wherever we go and whatever we do. But when we are at the desk swamped with important tasks, multi-tasking with one hand on our phones becomes a counter-productive move. This is when the 5 best cellphone holder for desk become valuable productivity tools.

LamicallLamicall Cell Phone StandBuy on Amazon|$7.99(Price as of 02/20/2019 04:31 ET)
Tech ToolsTech Tools Hand Cell Phone Holder Desktop Madness Series (HS-8038)Buy on Amazon|$18.95(Price as of 02/20/2019 04:32 ET)
UGREENUGREEN Cell Phone Stand Holder Mobile Phone DockBuy on Amazon|$7.99(Price as of 02/20/2019 04:32 ET)
UGREENUGREEN Magnetic Desk Phone Mount Tabletop Stand Cell Phone HolderCheck Price on Amazon
VASIVOVASIVO 3 in 1 Universal Desktop Aluminum Folding Cellphone StandBuy on Amazon|$16.99(Price as of 02/20/2019 04:32 ET)

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The Benefits of Cell Phone Holders

Avoid the Text Claw

We are familiar with the experience of numbing fingers or aching arms after hours of scrolling and holding on to our devices. This condition is called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome or Text Claw. Leaving your device on a cellphone holder significantly lowers the risk of experiencing the cramps and pains of constant mobile engagement.

Keep Up Your Productivity

A dedicated cellphone holder on your desk frees up your hands so you can multi-task. Especially with the growing popularity of AI and voice recognition, it is so much easier to navigate your phone without constantly reaching for the screen. This helps up your productivity, both at work and in your personal pursuits.

No More Missing Phones

When was the last time you had fun overturning a whole room just to “remember” where you left your phone? Having a permanent spot for your gadget saves you the time and trouble of finding it when you’ve forgotten where you put it.

5 Best Cellphone Holders for Desk

There is a ton of cell phone holders or stands available on the market. But so much of those tend to be ineffective, or else disposable. Finding the best option really depends on what you want or need most from it. We compiled 5 of the best cell phone holders available online based on different design and user preferences. Whether you are looking for no-nonsense functionality or a piece that makes a strong statement, we think you’ll find the best cell phone holder for your device from this short list.

Classic Functionality: Lamicall Cell Phone Desk Stand

If you are looking for that timeless look that touts no-nonsense functionality, Lamicall’s Cell Phone Desk Stand is a promising choice.

Lamicall’s Cell Phone Stand keeps your cell phone secure and accessible with a triangular aluminum alloy design. The simple geometric shape claims minimal desk space and maintains a low center of gravity so your phone stays secure in its position regardless of the skimpy look.

The holder supports both iPhones and Android devices, with most phone cases easy to slip into its rubberized 0.59 wide holding hook. The holder is made from one piece so there isn’t much room for flexing for the right angles. It does, however, come with an optimized tilt that’ suitable for hands-free viewing from a seated or upright eye-level.

Whimsical Touch: Tech Tools Hand Cell Phone Holder for Desk

This 1.8 lbs. phone holder adds some personality to your desk with its hand-shaped design. The Tech Tool hands can accommodate small and large phones, including any iPhone Plus or the Note series. It is not too heavy but made of solid weighted plastic so it can hold larger phones without toppling over.

The drawback is the static holding bay design. Since it is molded as one piece, there is no way to adjust the position except for the default horizontal and vertical options. However, if you are looking for a functional item that could also serve as a conversation piece in your space, phone holders hardly get as quirky as this.

Portable Stability: UGREEN Cell Phone Holder Mobile Phone Dock

UGREEN’s 3.74” x 3.35” mobile phone holder comes with an adjustable tilt stand. You can choose any angle between 0° and 100° for the most convenient and accessible tilt. This is perfect for web browsing, video calls, reading your favorite Kindle, and watching or making videos.

What’s more amazing is that it folds into a neat notepad shape that you can slip into your bag or back pocket. You get a desktop stand that you can take without hassle to the office, the gym, your kitchen, or on your travels.

Ultra-Modern: UGREEN Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for Desk

If you are the tech-savvy type, you will love this magnetic phone mount for your desk. Gone are all the hooks and clasps, and the flimsy plastic parts. This phone holder holds up your phone with a clasp-less magnetic mechanism. The holding dock is a magnetic 360-degree rotating disk reinforced by a slender steel stem. Without the brackets and additional arms, you get full access to your screen with the least obstruction.

The clean magnetic dock is also universally compatible with any phone with screens up to 7.9 inches. You simply attach a magnetic patch to your phone and then lay it on top of the dock. It helps immensely if to have a flat-back phone though. Otherwise, the magnet may not work as strongly as expected.

Multiple Devices: VASIVO 3 in 1 Universal Deskt Aluminum Folding Cell Phone Holder

The last on the list is a carefully planned contraption that serves as a charging bay, computer stand, and multiple-device holder. It is not just your smartphone that needs a dedicated space on your desk. Your smartwatch and tablet also need their spot.  Even your laptop needs some support when you’re using it on your desk. So, you could buy different items for all these needs and clutter your desk or you could go for the Vasivo 3-in-1 phone stand and solve all three issues.

You can set your smartphone, smart camera, tablet, or full-sized notebook on your desk or bedside table without worries. The Aluminum base provides stable support when you need it and then folds up into a neat little panel that you can tuck away afterward.  The bracket comes with 270-degree rotation for easy adjustments for better viewing and access to your screen. While the stand is crafted from aluminum, the phone and watch cradles are protected by rings and pads of soft rubber.

Work and Play at the Same Time

Need a boost in productivity but don’t want to give up your phone hours? You don’t need to give up either when you have a trusted cell phone holder on your desk.  Your device is an extension of yourself, so choose the desktop phone holder that best compliments what you value most and how you work and live life. Grab your favorite from our 5 best cell phone holders for desk, and start enjoying the best of both worlds now.

LamicallLamicall Cell Phone StandBuy on Amazon|$7.99(Price as of 02/20/2019 04:31 ET)
Tech ToolsTech Tools Hand Cell Phone Holder Desktop Madness Series (HS-8038)Buy on Amazon|$18.95(Price as of 02/20/2019 04:32 ET)
UGREENUGREEN Cell Phone Stand Holder Mobile Phone DockBuy on Amazon|$7.99(Price as of 02/20/2019 04:32 ET)
UGREENUGREEN Magnetic Desk Phone Mount Tabletop Stand Cell Phone HolderCheck Price on Amazon
VASIVOVASIVO 3 in 1 Universal Desktop Aluminum Folding Cellphone StandBuy on Amazon|$16.99(Price as of 02/20/2019 04:32 ET)

* Links in this table contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

Tebow Cameo For T-Mobile Commercial on Superbowl Sunday

tim tebow tmobile

Tim Tebow has finally made it to the Super Bowl!  As many of you know, one of the most polarizing sports figure,  Tim Tebow, has been out of the NFL and out of football since the New England Patriots released him. Although, he continues to pursue a career as a starting quarterback in the NFL, he has stayed out of the spotlight since his release after the preseason in September 2013.

With his football on (likely permanent) hiatus, Tebow decided to finally embrace his celebrity status to endorse for a major enterprise.  T-Mobile signed Tim Tebow as their spokesman for their No-Contract campaign, or some refer to as the “Un-Carrier” campaign.   T-Mobile is offering up to $650 if user switches from their current carrier to T-Mobile.  The offer is in the form of device trade-ins (up to $300 credit per device) and early termination fee subsidies (up to $350 per line).   T-Mobile will offer up to 5 device trade-ins, which includes both tablet and smartphone contracts.  New T-Mobile customer must purchase a qualifying postpaid “Simple Choice plan”.

The Superbowl Tebow campaign for T-Mobile has gotten lots of buzz in the media so far, so it appears that T-Mobile may have scored a nice catch with their new spokesman.  After all, life is better without a contract right?  Just ask Tebow…

Update on LG Optimus G KitKat release


Got another update from one of our readers regarding the LG Optimus G KitKat update and the additional details we had on that story. Below is the email from our reader, who found the original story from XDA Forum:

Bad news this time, LG Electronics Estonia has just released a new post on their Facebook page, apologizing that their previous post regarding Estonian Elisa customers being able to update their Optimus G to Android 4.4 was false:

Original post:

“Vabandame siiralt kõigi ees, kuna peame teatama, et informatsioon Android 4.4 KitKat uuenduse kättesaadavuse kohta LG Optimus G nutitelefonile osutus paraku ebatõeseks.

Küll aga on LG Optimus G nutitelefoni omanikele on kättesaadav uuendus, mis võimaldab kasutajatele liigipääsu 4G internetile.

Vabandame ebameeldivuste tekitamise pärast.”

Rough translation:

“We must deeply apologize for giving out false information. Apparently there has been some misunderstanding and the news about 4.4 update availability for LG Optimus G has unfortunately turned out to be false information. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences it might have caused.”

Additionally, XDA forum contributor Flaide Laise approached LG Nordic, who said that LG Estonia was indeed mistaken that the software update they received was that of Android 4.4 KitKat, when it was in fact not at all. The post can be found here.

At this point, on the same XDA forum thread, many LG users have expressed their dissatisfaction towards LG, both blaming the Estonia division for giving us high hopes and also blaming LG for never delivering updates, which LG is infamous for. Especially worried is user @ints1981 who had already submitted his phone to the Estonian service center. His phone could well be already on its way to Lithuania — for nothing.

Re: LG Optimus G Android 4.4 KitKat Update in Estonia

LG Optimus G

Android updates have always been a hot topic for Android owners and readers,  so when we wrote about the LG Optimus G updated with Android 4.4 KitKat, it caused a stir in the Android community.   One of our readers actually was kind enough to point out some more details that came from this story:

After reading your LG Optimus G Scores Android 4.4 KitKat Update Already… In Estonia article, I would like to share more information regarding the update.

The original story came from the XDA forum, specifically from a forum contributor, who happens to be an Estonian Elisa customer. Below is an update to the story.

Firstly, it turns out that Elisa customers can send in their Optimus G either to the service center, or to an Elisa outlet (which will eventually still send it to the service center). From the service center, the phones will be sent to Lithuania to be flashed with the KitKat update.

Secondly, other Estonian carriers are reportedly doing the same as Elisa, perhaps the update isn’t tied only to Elisa customers.

I believe that the reason for LG only releasing the update (via such a complicated method) is to do some “beta testing”. This is a common practice from Android OEMs, releasing the update to a small group of people and based on their experiences, finally deciding if the update goes to the rest of the world.

In the meantime, our fellow forum contributor has plans to send in his device for the update, and we wish him luck and gratitude for his efficient reporting of the situation in Estonia.

I hope that you will be able to put in these information into your article as I believe this will clarify certain doubts that readers of your site may have. Thank you.

Essential Tools for Business Security

cyber crime

Whether your company is large or small, cyber criminals are constantly targeting it. Offences that involve businesses account for 20 per cent of all recorded crime in the UK, every year. It’s hardly surprising: stealing from business operations is extremely lucrative for criminals.

While you’ve probably taken measures to protect your premises against vandalism and burglaries, you need to think about the dangers of cyber crime in an equally serious way. Cyber crime costs British businesses up to £21 billion every year. It certainly doesn’t hurt to be paranoid in this climate.

If you don’t want to add to this growing figure, you need to be taking the right measures. It’s advisable that you read about the following safeguards you can employ against cyber criminals.

Hard drive encryption

Passwords can’t stop hackers any longer: they will be able to get by these and access your files from another computer. Full-disk encryption is the best way of ensuring that every single file – even deleted ones – is protected from hackers.

There is a range of encryption software out there, including ones that are free to use. Be sure you have a skilled IT technician who can properly configure the program you choose to use. If encryption is implemented incorrectly, hackers will be able to steal data.

Email infrastructure changes

Upgrading your email system by doing away with your email server and signing up to cloud services has a number of benefits involved. Apart from being cheaper and doing away with the added responsibilities of tending to your server, security will no longer be your concern.

Since the cloud provider will be operating your email system, battling malware and other harmful cyber threats will be in their capable hands. This will take the strain off your IT department. With all your company’s email data being stored in off-site data centres, you won’t have to worry about email security breaches any longer.

Password managers

It’s a well-known fact that we should all use different passwords for different websites, but a surprising number of people tend to be quite lazy about doing this. Compromising your password security can lead to identity theft and financial losses.

Instead of getting your staff to memorise loads of different, complex passwords, get them to use a password manager to generate complex, long passwords that the program will remember for them.

Stay on top of security updates

Ensuring that your computers have the latest software updates and security patches on a regular basis is critical to protecting your business. Hackers move fast and change their methods of attack frequently, which is why it’s important to keep updating your antivirus software databases all the time. Failing to update your software and the security behind them will effectively be an open invitation to hostile outsiders.

Don’t ever make the mistake of assuming that your business is too small to be of any interest to hackers. In effect, you’re simply underestimating the value of your business. It helps to have an expert IT department, but even if you don’t, it’s still possible to beef up your email security externally.

3CX Phone System Version 12 for Android – Review

If you are always on the go, or simply do not want to miss a call on your office phone, 3CX Phone System may just be the solution for you.  The system, along with the free apps, will allow you to make and receive your office calls for free from your Android smartphone.

3CXPhone for Android Highlights

  • Use your work number rather than your personal mobile number.
  • Make free inter-office calls from wherever you are to save costs.
  • Easily configurable remotely via Email, no hassle setup.
  • Seamless out of office or in office detection.
  • Integrated 3CX Tunnel bypasses remote firewall or provider issues.
  • Transfer and hold calls.
  • Manage your own Forwarding Rules.
  • Intergrated chat, message other users of 3CXPhone for free.
  • Ability to see presence of colleagues, integrated presence search and interaction.
  • View call history and call back.
  • Company/personal phone book with intergrated search.
  • Easily setup conference calls, and manage them.
  • Manage voice mail.

3CX Phone System Enterprise users, regardless of their size or stature have one thing in common, and that is communication. And instead of shelling out large amounts of money towards telecom operators, companies have gotten their way around working with tons of VoIP based solutions to cut costs. But with the emergence of mobile platforms in the current day and age, things aren’t exactly the same as they once used to be. So to break this barrier, it’s important that we have apps which act as a bridge between a secure server and our smartphones or office phones. 3CX Phone System app for Android and Windows computers is a decent enterprise solution which looks to solve exactly this and we took it out for a spin to know how it fares in this vastly competitive industry where one app has several other alternatives. Using this software/app combo, enterprises can basically create a telephone network through which employees within the same company can connect with each other, without losing any money whatsoever. This can be accessed either through dedicated smartphone apps for Android and iOS or even their locally hosted computers.

3CX Phone System conference call
3CX Phone System conference call


While the setting up bit could be left to the professionals, everything beyond that process is silky smooth. From adding contacts to managing working hours or setting up call forwarding, everything was pretty simple. One neat feature we liked about the app was that users won’t have to manually enter all the numbers from their contact list on the app when the setup has been done on the host machine. This is time saving particularly when companies have a large number of contacts to deal with. Adding phone numbers is a hassle free process as admins can either add extensions/phone numbers manually or even import it from an existing backup file. 3CX Phone System can also be used to set up fax machines, if need be.

Compatible with VoIP Providers:

Users can also select from multiple VoIP providers within the settings menu which includes the likes of Skype, Google Voice and plenty of other alternatives. A standard computer is good enough to handle a bunch of accounts, but if you’re looking to get extensions in triple digits or more you might require a dedicated computer. The app also lets administrators allocate office hours to moderate working hours appropriately. So the developers have paid utmost attention to every important detail, which is very reassuring for the users.


The app is at its best while making or receiving calls over its server, with no distortion on the other end and perfect clarity in speech as well. While in a call, the app provides several features like call recording, conferencing as well as the obvious speakerphone functionality. So you can basically create a virtual conference room like atmosphere through your phone or computer, free of cost (barring VoIP charges, if any). If you have a receptionist answering the calls first, they can even transfer the calls to the extension of their choice right within the mobile app. As far as connectivity is concerned, the app works pretty seamlessly even at remote Wi-Fi range areas, with no drop in call quality, which is yet another decent feature. But this is a non-issue in an office atmosphere, as we usually see offices having multiple Wi-Fi hotspots. Of course the app wouldn’t be what it is without support for Android and iOS platforms. While it takes a significant toll on the smartphone’s battery life, it’s nothing unexpected as a VoIP client is running in the background at all times.

3CX Phone System online status
3CX Phone System online status

Administrators have to pay key focus to the server which is where all the action happens. The admin console lets the admin check if the server is running or not. This is pretty much where all the action happens, so it’s crucial that it’s checked at all times. What makes 3CX Phone System a viable option is the fact that it comes absolutely free and that includes the mobile apps as well. So enterprise users will not have to think twice before trying it out. Sure it has some shortcomings, but as long as the developers are willing to change and make changes accordingly, I don’t think a lot of enterprise customers will mind these niggles. The company has a detailed user manual for all your queries regarding the initial setup as well as the configuration that follows beyond that. Feel free to head over to the links given below to try out the apps. Make sure you download the Windows client first followed by the Android companion application.


We certainly recommend the app to enterprise users as an easy replacement to many paid solutions out there. The app has come a long way since its inception a few years ago, so future growth is almost apparent.


More Details:

Time to Say Goodbye: Top Tips for Recycling Your Android Phone

cell-phone-stackNo matter how top-of-the-range your Android handset is when you first buy it, it’s inevitable that your mobile will begin to show its age eventually. When upgrade time comes around, don’t just dump your phone in the nearest bin; phone recycling offers an environmentally friendly route that can earn you some cash to put towards your next mobile.

How phone recycling works

Your ageing Android mobile may seem slow and out-of-date to you, but it’s still packed with complex, nearly-new electronics that someone else can take advantage of. Send off your Android mobile to a phone recycling scheme and it will either be sold on, somewhere else in the world, often in a developing nation, or will be broken down into component parts and safely recycled into other materials.

Rather than adding to a landfill pile somewhere on the planet, by recycling your phone, you can ensure that it’s disposed of in a way that meets government standards and benefits other people at the same time. You can leave all of the hard work to the phone recycling service of your choice, which leaves you to simply pick up the cash.

Assess your phone

When you send off your phone for recycling, you’re going to need to provide as much detail about it as possible. You will have to provide the make and model name, and may well need to supply the IMEI, International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, number. On most handsets, you can find this by typing ‘#06#’ on the keypad.

You’ll also need to provide details of any damage to the phone and a list of all the accessories, such as a charger, that you still have. Some companies will accept damaged or even broken phones, but it’s important that you make this clear right from the outset. Failure to do so could result in you receiving substantially less money than you were expecting.

Once you’ve got together the required information about your handset and its associated headphones, cables and docks, you can shop around the various phone recycling schemes to get the best price possible.

Shop around

There are plenty of phone recycling services to pick from, and most offer a similar level of service. Make sure you check the small print when it comes to postage costs and accepting damaged phones, as this is where some differences begin to emerge.

Your mobile network may offer a recycling service, so it’s always worth asking, as they may be willing to offer a reward for your loyalty, by offering preferential rates. While third party companies may offer great deals on the surface, it’s imperative to dig a little deeper and ensure that you are dealing with a reputable business, by assessing how long the organisation has been trading, as well as reading customer testimonials online. If you’re still unsure, you can recycle your phone with Virgin Media and other such reputable mobile network operators.

 Beneath the surface

Most services will have a front-end website where you can simply tap in the details of your Android phone and get a price. Remember though, this is an estimate. You’ll also need to provide information about any damage to the handset and any accessories that you can send along with it.

Find a price and a company that you’re happy with, remembering that how much you’ll get paid is only part of the equation. The customer service experience and little extras, like the company making a donation to a charity on your behalf, should all be taken into consideration.

TEC Asurion: An Insurance Policy and a Tool to Track Android Phone



Some Android phone users subscribed to a contract with Verizon Wireless are baffled about the TEC Asurion charges that keep on getting reflecting on their billing. The particular item appears as TEC Asurion Single Tier and it charges subscribers around $6.99 per month for smartphones up to $10.99 on other devices like tablets.

According to the Verizon Wireless Support page, TEC stands for Total Equipment Coverage. The support section claims that the TEC Asurion Single Tier combines the features of Asurion’s Wireless Phone Protection with Verizon’s Extended Warranty program. This is further improved by Asurion’s Mobile Recovery for supported devices to help track Android phone.

Benefits of the TEC Asurion Single Tier

Basically, the TEC Asurion feature is an insurance policy just in case the subscriber loses the covered device due to theft, accident or other unfortunate instances. Then, it also offers replacement for damaged Android phones, tablets and accessories due to electrical faults, mechanical defects and other natural causes.

The Mobile Recovery feature of the service allows you to track Android phone without much hassle by sounding an alarm if you just misplaced it nearby even when the volume if down. It comes with a GPS locator and location history to track Android phone too.

If all hope is lost and you are positive that your device has been stolen, you can use it to lock your device or wipe its contacts to protect your privacy as well.

Anyone subscribed to the TEC Asurion Single Tier is entitled to download the Mobile Recovery application that can track Android phone from its official website. The installation of this tool is easy and it will only take up a couple of minutes.

In addition, the main website of the product offers a customer support hotline and an email address where subscribers can ask questions and seek help when experiencing technical issues.

Do You Really Need TEC Asurion?

This is a highly recommended tool not only because of the insurance it provides but also for its bundled feature that lets users track their Android phone. So far, user feedbacks about this service have been mainly positive which reflects its reliability and effectiveness. It’s just that Verizon should take some time to explain this to their subscribers before charging them immediately with it.

Track Android Phone That Has Been Lost With AndroidLost

track android phone

track android phoneAndroidLost is a mobile application packed with features that will let you track Android phone that has been lost, stolen or simply misplaced. It is an app developed by Theis Borg and it is available in Google Play store for free. However, availing of its premium version will cost you.

AndroidLost Track Android Phone Features

AndroidLost has many features that will let you track Android phone. Here is a quick rundown of them:

  • SMS retrieval
  • Phone wipe
  • Phone lock
  • SD card eraser
  • GPS locator
  • Remote alarm
  • Call forwarding
  • Phone status display
  • Connectivity controls
  • Take pictures using front and back cameras
  • Text-to-speech
  • Use voice commands
  • Launcher can be hidden

AndroidLost Track Android Phone Benefits

Many users of the app praised it for its plenty of features and functionality. There have been many instances wherein a lost phone has been found using this, including stolen devices. Another great thing about the app is that it does not drain the battery. This is because it does not perform polling to a server.

In addition, this is really easy to use and easy to install. A step-by-step guide has been provided in its official website for the benefit of its users.

Overall this app has been downloaded more than 15,000 times and almost all the reviews have been positive with a majority of users giving it 5 stars. It amassed an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from all its users.

AndroidLost Track Android Phone Disadvantages

Some users complain about the poor customer service of the product though. They say that it takes too long for their issues to be resolved and others even state that their complaints in the forum of the product’s official website have been ignored.

Moreover, bugs have been reported and a number of users easily miss the registration of their products because the product page of the app in the Google Play store does not mention it. Then, there are compatibility issues as well with other less popular Android devices.


Despite some complaints of this app to track Android phone, it is very much recommended due to its features, effectiveness, high customer reviews and user-friendly interface. Above all, the app comes for free.

Plan B Track Android Phone Software: Can You Rely On It?

plan b track android phone

plan b track android phonePlan B, as its name implies, is something that you can rely on if you need to track Android phone when it is already lost and you have no other alternatives. Unlike other track Android phone apps that require to be installed while using your phone, this one can be installed remotely using another device.

Plan B is developed by Lookout Mobile Security. It is available for download in the Google Play store for free.

How to Use Plan B to Track Android Phone

Using Plan B to track Android phone that has been lost is easy. Just download the app to the phone that you are looking for. Remember to download its web version on the Android market not from the phone’s app market.

Plan B will immediately initialize to track Android phone after the installation. It will send an email notification to your Google Gmail account that it is already looking for your lost device. From time to time, you will get updates through a Google Map link that indicates the whereabouts of your phone.

If by chance you will not be able to find your phone after 10 minutes of looking, just text the command “locate” (without the quotes) using another phone for the track Android app to reactivate again.

Plan B Track Android Phone App Benefits

As shown above, the app is very easy to use. This is definitely your alternative if you haven’t installed any spy app or locator to your phone.

According to feedbacks, this track Android phone app is very accurate. It only has a 2-meter radius margin of error in locating a lost device. Despite that, it is enough for you to know if the phone is within your vicinity.

Plan B Track Android Phone App Complaints

The only common complaint about Plan B is that some users who downloaded this app to track Android phone failed to get updates on their email. We are not sure if they just entered the wrong email address or it is a software glitch in the part of Plan B.


Regardless of the minor complaint from some users, Plan B is really reliable. So far, it has raked in great reviews from users too based on its rating in Google Play. Thus, this is highly recommended for everyone.

Track Android Phone with Lookout Security & Antivirus App

track android phone

track android phoneRecently, we featured Plan B as your last resort to track Android phone that has been lost if you do not have any locator software installed.

If you think that the product is awesome, you might want to check out Lookout Security & Antivirus too. This product is from Lookout Mobile Security, the same developer that made the very reliable track Android phone software Plan B.

Lookout Security & Antivirus Benefits

The Lookout Security & Antivirus app has garnered mostly positive reviews in the Google Play store. So far, it has been downloaded more than 439,800 times with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The score alone is an indication that it is very effective and reliable.

This app to track Android phone is very easy to use and install. The official website at Lookout.com provides users all the necessary information needed for its successful installation and operation.

You can simply use the locator of the app through its official website to find it when it has been lost. The alarm or a loud noise can be activated even when the device is on silent mode, which will help you find it with ease when it is just nearby.

Even when the battery of your phone is already drained, the last known location of the phone will be logged in the product’s official website so you will have an idea of its whereabouts.

If all else fails, you can protect your data from being seen or used by other people through its phone lock and phone wipe features. The phone’s camera will also be activated automatically when someone tries to tinker your locked device. Then, the picture will be sent in your account at Lookout to help you find the person holding your phone.

Antivirus and backup features are offered by the app as well for the ultimate protection of files stored in your phone.

Lookout Security & Antivirus Disadvantages

According to some users, simply performing a factory reset or rooting can completely wipe out this app to track Android phone. There have been a couple of complaints from users too about having a hard time accessing their accounts in the Lookout website. In addition, there have been some reports from users who keep on encountering “Lookout Security and Anti-Virus has suddenly stopped working” message when they reboot their phones.

Track Android Phone Like A Detective Using SpyBubble

spy bubble

spy bubbleSpyBubble claims to be the world’s “most advanced” track Android phone software. This is because it is packed with high-end features that will not only help you track Android phone that has been missing, but it will also let you spy or learn more about the person in possession of the phone where it is installed.

Benefits as Track Android Phone App

First of all, there are many useful features that you will surely love with SpyBubble. One of its main features is its GPS system that can track Android phone wherever it is. It uses the technology provided by Google maps to allow you to pinpoint the location of your missing device with accuracy. For parents, partners or employers, this can be used to monitor the whereabouts of a person too.

Then, there are the features that will allow you to track Android phone communications. You can basically retrieve the call logs, listen to calls, hear background noises, check the browsing history, read text messages and access the email messages of the phone where it is installed. You can also open remotely all the stored photos of the targeted Android phone. With this track Android phone software in a device, no secrets will be left unchecked.

Disadvantages as Track Android Phone App

The Spybubble app is definitely reliable. However, much like other products, there are some flaws associated with it.

First of all, to be able to install the app to the targeted phone, you have to get hold of it and do the installation manually. So, it might be a good time to put your ninja skills into good use because installing it would require speed to prevent suspicion from the part of the user.

In addition, there are a few antivirus products that register this as a threat. Then, the targeted device should be able to connect to the Internet once in a while for you to be able to track Android phone.


If you are looking for a reliable way to track Android phone, this is it. It is packed with many features that will certainly come in handy as well.

The Standard version which comes with call logs, phonebook, web browsing history, email, photo and GPS tracking features can only be bought for $49.95 from its official website. But if you wish to avail of its extra features like environmental and call listening, prepare to shell out $84.90.

Mobile Spy – Is This An Effective Way To Track Android Phone?

android spy

android spyMobile Spy is not only a track Android phone tool, it also presents users a great way to spy on someone. This makes it very ideal for parents to monitor their children, a person to keep an eye on partner, and employer to spy on an employee.

Features of Mobile Spy Track Android Phone Software

This is packed with many features like:

  1. GPS tracking to track Android phone location.
  2. Call logs to see who the person on the other end has been keeping in contact with.
  3. SMS viewing for reading sent and received text messages.
  4. Contact list checking to see the numbers stored in the Android phone.
  5. Surrounding recording to hear the background noise of the place
  6. Calendar monitoring to keep track of the memos and other details stored in the scheduler of the Android device being monitored.
  7. Browsing history to see the sites or social networks that a person has been visiting.
  8. App blocking to prevent explicit contents from getting accessed.
  9. Photos and videos watching for tracking the activities of a person.

Mobile Spy Track Android Phone App Benefits

This app definitely has plenty of features that you can find quite useful for finding your lost phone or keeping a record on the activities of a person. Thus, it is one of the ultimate spy tools out there.

Mobile Spy Track Android Phone App Downsides

This track Android phone app actually requires you to get a hold of the device that you want to monitor because its downloading and installation can only be done manually. There is no remote installation option provided by the product for users.

In addition, some antivirus or anti-spyware programs can detect this. But there are only a few that we know of that are capable of this.

Where to Buy the Mobile Spy Track Android Phone App

If you find the Mobile Spy track Android phone app amazing, you can buy it from Google Play store or its official website. Although advertised in Google Play as a free download, using the potentials of the software comes with a price. The price of the product starts at $49.97, which is quite similar to the other tools that provide the same spy features of this track Android phone product.