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Clear Cache and Clear Data

Difference of Clear Cache and Clear Data in Android

A new email was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag. The message reads, “What is the difference between Clear Cache and Clear Data?” The two are often used to solve various bugs troubling Android phone users. However, most people tend to interchange these two probably due to a slight confusion between the two

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Text Notification Problem in Samsung Galaxy S4

A new message was sent to us recently via The Droid Guy Mailbag, which reads, “I have a minor problem with text notification in my Samsung Galaxy S4. My account is with AT&T.  I receive/send texts, but I never get a notification showing the number of unread texts in my messages icon. I couldn’t find

How to Remove Galaxy S4 Notifications

How to Remove Galaxy S4 Notifications that Keep on Coming Back

Here is a new email that just came in Mailbag which confirms a solution to the flashing camera light notification problem that we have tackled before and it is also asking how to remove galaxy S4 notifications: “I just read your response about the flashing camera. You have the right steps going into accessibility. Except

galaxy s4 google earth problem

Exploring the Solutions to the Galaxy S4 Internet Problem

There are many users who are experiencing Galaxy S4 Internet problem. One user related to us through Mailbag that despite having full bars in the signal of his phone, he cannot access the Internet. He said that he called his carrier about it but he was told that there is nothing wrong with the Internet