How To Clear Cache On Sony TV

Does your Sony Smart TV have issues most of the time? such as slow or not functioning properly? Your system cache is most likely the cause of it, as it is getting out of hand.

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Hey guys! Welcome to The Droid Guy! Today, we are going to tackle how to delete cache on your Sony Android tv.

One of the most well-known TV manufacturers is Sony, and their Sony Bravia series of TVs is regarded as one of the best on the market right now. Their premium models employ cutting-edge technology to provide a superb auditory and visual experience. This makes it the ideal option for the discerning individual who desires the best home theater setup.

You might occasionally run into problems with your Sony smart TV, though. Glitches cannot always be avoided, however in some cases, clearing your device’s app data and cache can help. For instance, on your Sony Android TV, cleaning your app cache and data can assist in resolving a number of frequent problems. In other words, if your Sony TV stops or doesn’t respond to commands, you might want to clear the tv’s cache and refresh it.

Keep in mind that deleting the cache is not the same as deleting your app data. Before you try clearing the app data, you might want to first clear your cache and see if it resolves the issue.

If you clear the app cache, all that is left behind is the search history and any other temporarily saved data. However, removing the app data has a more profound impact.

It resets the settings for your app in addition to clearing the cache. It’s the same as reinstalling the program and returning it to the default settings if you remove your app data.

If you are interested to learn how to clear cache on Sony TV, then scroll down and continue reading.

Clear Cache Sony TV

What Causes The Sony Smart TV To Perform Slowly

When running apps, smart TVs consume a lot of memory, and the more apps you install, the more memory they consume. When they stream, smart TVs also save cookies, data, and caches. Downloading apps or files becomes impossible when your device is loaded with these things. That’s why it is important  to clear your device’s data, caches, and cookies to get your TV back to its previous speed.

What Does Clear Cache Means

Android TV’s cache may need to be cleared if you’re experiencing glitches with your TV. Clearing the cache on a Sony TV is one of the best ways to improve its performance. It will be possible to perform smoothly once more after clearing the outdated settings with this approach.   Improvements in performance should be noticeable after clearing the cache. 

When you use apps or go online, temporary files known as caches are saved on your device. Over time, they may occupy storage space and slow down your device. On the majority of smart TVs, clearing cache is a common procedure. By following the directions below, you can learn how to do it correctly.

Clear App Cache On Sony Android TV

  1. First, press the Home button on your remote control.
  2. Next, find and select Settings.
  3. Then, click Apps. You must either go to See all apps and choose Show system apps, or you must directly open the System apps.
  4. After that, select apps that you want to clear cached data.
  5. Find and click on Clear cache.
  6. Now, click OK.

Check if your Sony Android TV is still having issues.

Delete App Data On Sony Android TV

You must completely erase the app data on your Sony Android TV if you are still having trouble when using a certain app.

All you need to do is follow the method above, and then find the Clear data button and click on it. Next, click on OK, and then choose Clear All Data and click OK.

How To Refresh Sony Android TV

You can upgrade the firmware of your Sony Android TV manually by following these instructions. You need a USB flash drive and internet connectivity in order to manually upgrade the firmware. Use an external drive to update the TV if the device isn’t online. Depending on the model, updating a website could take up to 15 minutes. The USB drive must first be formatted. Try the process once more if the firmware update fails to finish.

If you want to update the firmware on your smart TV, go to Sony’s support page and choose “System updates”.  Then,  Click “Software Update” in the update window, and your TV will let you know if a new firmware version is available. You can try adding new apps or removing the undesired ones after installing the update. You can attempt a device reset if this doesn’t work. If not, you might need to get in touch with a service center.

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* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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