How To Clear Cache on Roku TV

Roku is well known streaming device connected to your TV that allows users to watch their favorite TV content. Just like with other streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV, there are instances when issues can occur such as freezing, loading and crashing problems. The primary culprit for this is cache storage space that’s nearly full causing your Roku TV experience issues. To fix this, you may need to clear cache on your Roku TV. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to clear cache.

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Clear Cache Roku TV

Almost all devices, including Roku devices, stores temporary cache files to its cache storage space the helps in increasing loading speed and time. However, the more Roku is used the more temporary files and system settings goes to cache storage. As a result, if cache storage becomes full the performance of the Roku device will also be affected. That is why if you want and overall great and enhanced performance of your Roku tv, you may need to clear its cache files.

Clearing cache can benefit Roku in so many ways. First, clearing cache makes Roku device to run smoother and faster. Second, it creates more storage space on the device. Third, clearing cache also helps fix minor bugs on the device as well as prevent problems caused by old cache files and lastly when you clear cache on Roku TV, performance issues will be resolved to a better and improved performance of the device.

There are two ways to clear cache on Roku:

  • Clear cache on Roku using Roku remote
  • Clear cache on a particular app

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How to Clear Roku Cache files using Roku Remote

  1. Go to Home screen of Roku TV by pressing the home button of Roku TV remote controller.
  2. Click on Settings menu from Roku home screen.
  3. Press the following buttons in order on your Roku remote: Press home button 5x, press up button once, press Rewind button 2x and then press fast forward button 2x.
  4. Roku will automatically restart.

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How to Clear App Cache on a specific app on Roku TV

Step 1: Choose the application that you want to clear cache on Roku.

To do this press the home button on Roku remote control to enter Roku home screen. Then, click the right button on Roku remote. Channel grip appears on the screen. You will see a list of apps. Select the app that you want to clear cache on Roku from the app tile.

Step 2: Uninstall the application.

Once the channel grid has been selected, press the Asterisk button on Roku remote. Select remove channel from the list of options. Then select Remove to confirm again.

Step 3: Restart Roku device.

After the app is uninstalled, cache files will still be on the Roku device. Therefore, the next step is to restart the Roku device. To do this, select settings from Roku home screen. Then select System. At right pane of system option, select System restart option. Then click Restart option. After that, confirm restart. Roku device will automatically restart and cache stored on the device will be deleted.

If you want to add an application on Roku, follow these steps:

  1. From Roku home screen, select Streaming channels
  2. Select Search Channels and choose the application you want to add.

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How to Clear the Cache by Factory Reset Roku

Cache files can also be deleted and cleared from your Roku device by factory resetting the device. Factory reset restores the device to its default settings. This means that all the data stored and application on the Roku device will be deleted. When ready, follow these steps:

  1. From Roku home screen, select settings menu
  2. Select System option at right pane.
  3. Select Advanced system settings
  4. Next, select Factory Reset
  5. When prompted, enter the 4-digit code that is displayed on the lower right portion of the screen.
  6. A prompt message appears, select Start Factory reset option.

Restoring to factory settings also means clearing cache file on Roku device.

If you are using Hisense Roku TV, Sharp Smart TV or TCL Roku tv, you can clear cache the Roku device using the same steps mentioned above.


  1. When should I clear the cache on Roku devices?

    When you notice that Roku devices starts to experience problems such as a sluggish performance, lagging or keep on restarting and disconnecting you should clear the cache on your streaming device. Clearing cache memory helps improve the performance of the device.

  2. What does clear cache files on Roku do?

    For playback issues, when you clear the cache of Roku helps in resolving the issue for a more smooth and faster streaming experience.

  3. Do all TVs support Roku player streaming device?

    Roku devices works with any TV as long as there is an HDMI port, where you will connect the Roku device. To connect the Roku device to a TV, you will need an HDMI cable and then connect the streaming device to the HMDI port of the television.

Final Thoughts

If your Roku TV is experiencing issues such as slowing down, freezing and crashing thus streaming is interrupted you may need to clear cache. Doing so gives Roku TV a clean slate that smooth streaming experience and to enhanced and improve Roku’s performance.

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