Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Hi Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners! This page is the index of our Galaxy Note 3 Problems series, one of the running series on TDG. Links to parts are provided below and problems are duly indicated so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

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  1. I am using the note 3 flash light to light my room.

    Do you know what exact type of flash light is used in note 3?

    Is there any way to use it as a lamp?

    this flash light is perfect light intensity and spectrum light but I want to use it as a lamp removed out from the cellphone hw to do it?


  2. inherited a Samsung galaxy note 3, but inserted a TMobile sim card.
    1. Cant make phone calls , Msg ” no network connection” . No signal found for mobile network. it was working for the past 1.5 year.
    2. Don’t know what I have pressed all of a sudden cant swipe to activate screen Only S pen function.
    3. Whats the life of Samsung Galaxy note 3?

  3. Just had some help from Samsung support and if you pull up settings and then hit the icon to the left of the home button a little menu bar pops up that allows you to choose to view settings as a list or in tab mode.

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