Computer Cannot Detect Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [How To Fix]

New computers especially those that run on latest operating systems can easily detect new devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, when plugged via the USB port. While they can be detected, owners would still need to install necessary drivers so they can manage their files using their computer.

Just recently, we receive emails from our readers asking us how to solve a problem involving the Note 3 that cannot be detected by the computer.

Hi TDG, 

I have a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. While the phone is very powerful, I just don’t feel like managing my personal files using its stock file manager. Instead, I want to manage them using my computer. So, I plugged my phone but my computer seems not being able to detect it. Do you have a fix for this one, too? 



First Solution: This is the recommended way to make any Samsung device, in this case the Galaxy Note 3, get detected by the computer without a problem: download and install KIES. Depending on your connection, the download process may take several minutes to complete but the installation won’t take a minute. Installing KIES into your computer mean installing all necessary USB drivers as well. You can download KIES from here.

Second Solution: If you’ve already installed the KIES into your computer and it still refuses to detect the phone, reboot it and try again. If the problem persists, uninstall KIES, reboot the computer and plug the phone in. Let the computer detect the device as a general storage then install KIES again. This time, it would work.

Third Solution: If you don’t want to install KIES to your computer, you can download just the drivers. They are packed into one package and compressed to only have around 25 megabytes. You can find the download link from here.

Fourth Solution: There is also what they call the universal ADB driver that would make any Android device detectable by the computer once it’s installed. The driver was built by clockworkmod team and can be downloaded from their website.

Well, I hope this post could somehow help you get your phone detected by the computer.

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  1. Ur solutions r stupid just like u, thoses steps can any one do it without asking for ur help, thanks for nothing.

  2. Hi i have window 10 PC and Samsung galaxy note 3, I used KIES did not work, changed USB PC connection, MTP,PTP,USB 3.O did not work. help

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