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9 Best Kodi Addons For Xbox One In 2019

If you just got finished installed Kodi on your Xbox One, One S, or One X, then you might want to consider also installing some Kodi addons to go with it. Addons enhance the Kodi experience, giving you access to a whole lot more content than Kodi on its own. Addons can allow you to


Xbox One Kinect will scan QR and game card codes

The Xbox One Kinect has been hit with huge backlash, with many gamers feeling that private life will be watched by the camera sensor and beamed up into the cloud, despite Microsoft stating this will never happen and the user can stop the Kinect from watching. There is a few upsides to the Kinect and


Microsoft to drop $40,000 patch charge on Xbox 360

It seems Microsoft is preparing to reshape the way indie developers go about patching games on the Xbox 360, previously a patch cost around $40,000 and developers only got one free patch update, to make sure they polished the game to the highest standard. This will apparently be waved as Microsoft looks to help indie

PS4 Versus Xbox One: Which One Are You Getting?

The next generation gaming consoles are about to be released in the market which is generating a lot of excitement among gamers everywhere. Two of the gaming industry’s big players have recently announced the release of their next consoles. Microsoft was the first to reveal their Xbox One followed by Sony’s announcement of the PS4.


Microsoft to sell video games at $60 for Xbox One

Microsoft may bring a little bit of good news to the Xbox One, with reports circulating that the company will sell triple A titles at $60, sticking to the previous generation price. Inflation since 2006 would make the games priced at $70 now, although this could be flipped by saying games back then should have

Xbox One Gamers Will Pay $59.99 for New Games

If Microsoft planned on purposely agitating their fans as much as possible, they’d bump up the price point for each individual game that a gamer may want to purchase for his or her game collection. Luckily, (for those that still actually want an Xbox One) Microsoft has announced that new Xbox One games will only


Xbox One supported in 21 countries, may not work for others

The Xbox One has attracted a lot of controversy and the newest leak about region lock only adds to the anger many gamers are displaying by Microsoft’s awful policies. Currently the supporter twenty one countries are: Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland United

Nvidia Says Shield Will Compete Directly With Xbox One, PS4

Do you think that Android gaming devices can compete against the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony? Tom Petersen, the director of technical marketing at Nvidia, thinks so but not right now. Right now it’s an alternative gaming platform to smartphones and tablets. As the adoption of Android gaming becomes widespread then the $349


Xbox One will allow users to share games with 10 family members

Even though the used game problem is still floating around the Xbox One, as well as the Kinect privacy issues, Microsoft has released some soothing news regarding the borrowing schemes for users. Xbox One users will be allowed to share a catalogue of different games to 10 family members, this sharing portal will allow you

Microsoft now reveals Xbox One privacy policy

Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest offering; yet to hit market globally. However, Microsoft has revealed some extra-ordinary features of Xbox one that makes it’s truly a next generation device. Officials that Microsoft claims that they haven’t brought something that unique to the market before fully powered with features. The device is expected soon to hit