How To Fix Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Keeps Crashing | Xbox One

Some Xbox One users encounter crashing issue when playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. If you are one of them, then you should finish reading this guide to know how to deal with it.

Causes of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare crashing issue

If Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is crashing whenever you play it, there are several factors that you need to check. Keep in mind that Xbox games may sometimes crash and that’s normal. However, if yours keeps happening more frequently, you must dig deeper to know what’s causing it.

Game disc is broken.

This is one of the perennial reasons why some Xbox One games may crash, freeze, or simply stop working. Although your Xbox One console can tolerate certain level of scratch severity, your game may still fail from time to time if the disc is scratched. 

A physically damaged or cracked game disc may prevent your console from loading the game entirely. Your Xbox One may have a slight chance of reading a cracked game disc but you should consider replacing the disc if the game crashes more frequently.

Game needs update.

If CoD Modern Warfare has stopped all of a sudden after it’s been working normally before, you should check if the game needs an update by connecting online. This game won’t allow you to play Multiplayer if it’s outdated.

Xbox One software is outdated.

Some games may crash if an Xbox One software is not up-to-date. If you regularly play online, your console is probably running the latest software version. However, if you only play offline, make sure to download software updates directly from the internet.

Corrupted Xbox cache.

The Xbox One uses a set of temporary files called cache to do certain tasks like load games faster. If this cache becomes corrupted, your Xbox One may not work properly or may work very slow. You’ll need to refresh the Xbox cache to see if this will help fix this issue. Check the steps on how to do this below.

Console overheating.

If your Xbox One stops working or frequently crashes when playing Modern Warfare, one of the causes that you should look into is overheating. The internal temperature of your Xbox can go up quickly if there’s not enough ventilation, or if there’s a hardware malfunction that affects parts in the motherboard.

Console malfunction.

If your Xbox One keeps crashing when playing not only CoD Modern Warfare but other games as well, there may be a deeper reason for it. This usually means that the console may have a hardware error or damage.

How to stop Call Of Duty Modern Warfare from crashing

Below are the possible solutions that you can try to fix Modern Warfare from crashing on your Xbox One.

  1. Clean your game disc.

    If you’re using a game disc, make sure that it’s clean by wiping it with a soft cloth before you insert it. 
    As mentioned above, scratches and cracks are really bad indicators of a possible game disc problem. If your Modern Warfare disc has a lot of scratches or if it’s cracked, this may be the cause why it keeps crashing.
    Try getting a replacement disc or buy a digital copy of the game to resolve the problem.inserting game disc

  2. Install game and system updates.

    Keeping your games and software updated not only brings new changes but also fixes for known bugs. In order your for Xbox One to automatically download and install updates for you, follow these steps:
    -Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide.
    -Scroll to the right and select Settings
    -Scroll down until you see Updates & downloads. Highlight it.
    -On the next page, tick the box for Keep my console up to date and Keep my games & games up to date.system update

  3. Refresh the system cache.

    Sometimes, refreshing the system cache on Xbox One can fix crashing issue. The Xbox One does not have an option under settings to clear the cache. Instead, you’ll need to perform a full power cycle to do it. Here’s how it’s done:
    -Turn off your Xbox One.
    -Once the indicator lights on the front of the Xbox One and the console's power brick are off, unplug the power brick from the back of your console.
    -Wait at least 30 seconds.
    -Plug the power brick back into your Xbox One and turn it on.
    -Check for the problem.Xbox One

  4. Check for overheating.

    Make sure that your Xbox console and Power Supply Unit have good ventilation to minimize overheating. By design, the system will reboot if its internal temperature has reached a certain point in order to prevent internal damage. Let your console cool off for an hour by turning it off and unplugging it from the power outlet. 
    If overheating continues to occur, there may be a hardware malfunction that causes it.Xbox One overheating

Try another game.

Try playing other games to see if they crash too. If they do, then your Xbox One console has a deeper problem. You can try Xbox factory reset to fix your problem. If your games still crash after a factory reset, you’ll need to have the console repaired. Contact Microsoft to set up repair appointment.

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