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Although the Xbox One can be used offline, many of its key features are best enjoyed when it’s connected to the internet or Live. For most, their online experience is generally a source of joy but a few others may encounter connection problems on their Xbox One console from time to time. If you have a connection issue on your own console, this troubleshooting should help.

There are two general connection problems that may experience:

  • unable to connect
  • degraded connection (slow or intermittent)

We hope that we can help you fix whatever problem with Live or internet with this post.

Causes of Xbox One connection problems

Below are some of the common reasons why an Xbox One may have connection problems. In order to identify the cause of your own problem, you’ll have to perform troubleshooting steps.

Xbox Live server is down.

If you were able to play online without problems before, it’s possible that there may be an issue with Xbox Live servers. This can happen from time to time and all you have to do is to wait until the issue is resolved. Newly launched games may be prone to server problems although old, stable releases may also encounter issues. 

Server problems are usually indicated by errors on the screen so just be patient and try to play a different game if you encounter a server issue with your current game.

A glitch in your home networking device.

Some Xbox One connection problems are due to an issue with your modem or router. Routers with outdated firmware may not work as expected until you update. 

In some cases, physical damage to the modem or router may lead to total internet connection blackout. 

You can troubleshoot your home equipment if there’s no Xbox Live server issues going on at this time.

Xbox One console problem.

An issue with the console itself may cause slow or intermittent connection problems. The reason for this situation can vary depending on the condition of your Xbox One software or hardware. 

If you don’t connect your console to the internet  all the time, be sure to keep its games and software updated to lessen the chances of software glitches. 

For the hardware, you must treat your Xbox One console like your phone. The internal components can easily break down if the console is regularly exposed to elements or hit by something hard (or dropped).

Troubleshooting Xbox One connection problems

Below are the troubleshooting steps that you need to do to fix whatever connection problem you’re experiencing on your Xbox One. 
Before you begin, make sure that your Xbox Live account is active and not banned. Playing online games or multiplayer requires that you have Xbox Live Gold subscription. If you have an issue playing games online, double check that your account has premium subscription first.

  1. Check Xbox Live Service status.

    Go to the official Xbox Live Server Status page to see if there’s any current outages. Make sure to check all the items to see if your connection problem is due an issue with a particular service.Xbox Live server status 3

  2. Check for error code or message.

    Are you getting an error code or message? If you are, note down the code or error and do a quick Google search about it using your computer or smartphone.  Some codes may point to some online solutions as they are experienced by other gamers as well.errors

  3. Verify wireless network is up and running (if on wifi).

    Are you having trouble with your Xbox One wifi? If you do, try to check if your wireless network is working using other wireless devices. If the other devices are also unable to connect, you need to troubleshoot your wifi to fix the problem on your Xbox. You may want to get help from your ISP to isolate what the problem is.router 10

  4. Power cycle the console.

    Restarting your Xbox One can sometimes fix connection problems. 
    -On your Xbox, press and hold the Xbox button until the light behind it turns off (about 5 seconds). This should turn off the console.
    -After your Xbox has powered down, unplug the power cord and wait 2 minutes.
    -Plug all the cables back in and power on the Xbox One.
    These steps should clear the network card, purge the cache, and should refresh the system in general.Fix for Xbox One keeps disconnecting issue.

  5. Reboot modem/router.

    If your Xbox One still continue to disconnect randomly after you reboot it, the next thing that you want to do is to power cycle the modem/router. Turn the modem/router off and unplug it front he power outlet for about 30 seconds. After that, turn it back and check for the problem again on your console.powercycle router 1

  6. Run a network test.

    If your home internet is working, a good way to diagnose your Xbox One connection problem is to run an internet connection test. Here’s how:
    -On the controller, press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
    -Select System.
    -Select Settings.
    -Select General.
    -Select Network settings.
    -Select Test network connection.
    After running the test, you should get a general direction to identify where the problem lies.Test network connection 5

  7. Connect your console by wire.

    If you happen to rely on wifi connection when gaming and the problem has not disappeared at this point, a band-aid solution that you can try is to connect your console directly to the modem. Make sure that you use a known-working ethernet cable for this purpose.ethernet cable 1

  8. Check for slow connection issue.

    If you experience lag, freezing, or slow connection issues, follow this article: 
    How To Fix Xbox One Slow Game Or App Downloads.

  9. Check for intermittent connection issue.

    If your Xbox One keeps disconnecting from the Internet or Live, find out what you can do to fix it in this article:
    What To Do If Xbox One Keeps Disconnecting | Kicked From Live.

  10. Fix NAT problems.

    If you’re having trouble when joining parties or multiplayer sessions, you may have a NAT problem at hand. You can visit the official Xbox support page to fix your issue.

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