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Some Xbox One users may realize at times that their console keeps disconnecting from Xbox Live. Random disconnection problem usually occurs in a wireless setup but from time to time, even wired consoles can have it too. If you are trying to deal with a random disconnection problem right now, this troubleshooting guide might help.

Why does your Xbox One keeps disconnecting or getting kicked out of Live?

There are three general reasons why your Xbox One console may be getting disconnected from the internet or Live. Let’s discuss each of them briefly.

Xbox Live server issue.

There’s no perfect technology and from time to time, Xbox Live services may go down. Some are planned maintenance while others may be totally random and unexpected. If you were previously connected to Live without any problems, make sure that you check if there’s an on-going Xbox Live outage or issue before you troubleshoot your network devices or console.

Local network problem.

The other possible reason for Xbox Live connection problems is your networking hardware, that is, your modem, router, or other similar devices. Sometimes, an outdated firmware may cause a modem or router to not work properly. In some situations, a hardware may malfunction due to age or normal wear and tear. 

If you have a wireless setup, there can be other factors to consider like signal interference, overall bandwidth allocation, or ISP issues.

Console malfunction.

The third possible reason can be attributed to the console itself. A software bug or hardware glitch may cause the Xbox One to perform poorly. Damage to internal components can lead to hardware failure, which may be the reason why it can no longer maintain internet connection. 

In some other cases, a software glitch may occur, which may also be cause why your Xbox One won’t be able connect.

How to fix Xbox One random disconnection issue?

If your Xbox One keeps getting disconnected from Live, you have to check a number of things in order to identify the cause and fix the problem. Go through the list of solutions below and see which one can fix the issue.

  1. Check Xbox Live server status.

    Go to the official Xbox Live Server Status page to see if there’s any current outages.Xbox Live Status 1

  2. Check for low bandwidth issue.

    If there are multiple devices connected to your router, it’s possible that one or some of them may be hogging the bandwidth. Try disconnecting all connected devices except your Xbox One console and see if that will fix the random disconnection problem.router and devices 1

  3. Power cycle your Xbox One console.

    Restarting your Xbox One can sometimes fix connection problems. 
    -On your Xbox, press and hold the Xbox button until the light behind it turns off (about 5 seconds). This should turn off the console.
    -After your Xbox has powered down, unplug the power cord and wait 2 minutes.
    -Plug all the cables back in and power on the Xbox One.
    These steps should clear the network card, purge the cache, and should refresh the system in general.Xbox One S Power button 4

  4. Reboot your networking equipment (modem, router, hub, etc.).

    If your Xbox One still continue to disconnect randomly after you reboot it, the next thing that you want to do is to power cycle the modem/router. Turn the modem/router off and unplug it front he power outlet for about 30 seconds. After that, turn it back and check for the problem again on your console.router 8

  5. Try using another network cable.

    A defective ethernet cable can lead to connection problems. If your Xbox One is wired to the modem or router, try using a different network cable to see if that will make a difference.ethernet cable

  6. Use a different router port (wired connection setup).

    Another possible cause for this problem is a bad modem or router port. Try to use a different port in your modem/router to see if that will help.router 9

  7. Check for wifi issues.

    If you are on wifi, you have to make sure that your Xbox One is getting good signal. Wifi signal is usually only effective for about 30 feet around the router. If there’s a thick wall, glass, or metal between your Xbox and router, this signal may be hindered causing slow or intermittent connection. 
    Other wireless devices like cordless phones, baby monitor, your neighbors routers, or other wireless devices can also interfere with your wifi signal. Make sure that you troubleshoot your wifi to see if this is the cause of the problem.Xbox One 5

  8. Enable DMZ on your router.

    If you are not security conscious, you can also consider turning on DMZ on your router to free up your Xbox One from Internet restrictions like your network firewall. Exact steps on how to do this depends on your equipment so if the problem has not been resolved at this time, contact your ISP or router manufacturer for assistance on how to set up DMZ.
    Once the DMZ functionality has been enabled on your router, run an internet network test on your Xbox One or continue playing online to see if that has fixed the problem.Linksys router

  9. Try wired connection.

    A temporary solution that you can try if your Xbox One only experiences disconnection problem when on wifi is a wired setup. Get a known working ethernet cable and connect your Xbox One directly to your router.Xbox One black 1

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