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Galaxy S5 unable to update apps via Play Store, other issues

The Galaxy S5 is a proven, reliable platform for years now but now and then we receive interesting reports of problems. We discussed some of these issues below. For those interested to visit other #GalaxyS5 issues, please go to our index page. Galaxy S5 discrepancy in Storage readings | Galaxy S5 unable to update apps

Acer’s new Liquid Jade 2 comes with 1TB of hybrid storage

#Acer has just announced the #LiquidJade2 smartphone at the ongoing MWC 2016 event in Barcelona. The handset is your usual flagship grade offering from Acer, but with an attractive twist. The company mentions that the phone comes with up to 1TB of user accessible storage for music, videos, photos as well as apps. The company

16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 revealed to sport 10.7GB of internal storage

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 last week, there was plenty of buzz and excitement, given some of its marquee features like the fingerprint sensor and the heart rate monitor. However, during the demonstration, some attendees were aware enough to check the actual internal storage of the smartphone, which was revealed to be a measly 8.4GB

The case for bigger smartphone and tablet storage

There is one thing that gets me bothered when it comes to kids and devices, and it’s storage space. Storage — or the finite aspect of it — seems to be a concept alien to kids at a certain age. For example, I gave my old Samsung Galaxy S3 to my 9-year old and she can’t seem to stop taking videos, photos, screenshots and screen recordings, to the extent that multimedia would fill up the internal storage in less than a day.