Google’s ‘Gallery Go’ is here for offline Google Photos storage

Google Photos is the go-to application for off-loading photos to the Cloud, all while giving you a Cloud interface to view your gallery. But what about for those who cannot use Google Photos because of Internet issues, or distrust in the Cloud? Google has an answer for that, and it’s called Gallery Go by Google Photos.

This lightweight photo app comes in at 10MB, and doesn’t rely on any Cloud services. It’s almost essentially a stripped down Google Photos.

Gallery Go was designed for emerging markets in mind, where Internet speeds and plenty of device storage aren’t always on-demand.

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The big thing about Gallery Go is that it’s built with artificial intelligence to automatically organize photos. This makes it easy to find things like selfies, food pictures, pictures of the environment, screenshots, etc.

Gallery Go also comes with a number of photo-editing tools to help you keep your pictures looking their best. If you want to give the new app from Google a try, make sure to hit the link below.

Download it now: Google Play

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