How to Set Camera Storage on Samsung Galaxy A20

If you are running low in storage space with your Galaxy A20 smartphone, you can check some stuff to free up some space. One thing that you can do is to set camera storage on Samsung Galaxy A20. Read this whole article to know more about this process. 

Your phone might start to experience some lags and other performance-related problems once the storage is almost full. But you could easily ditch this issue by clearing your phone’s files, such as photos and videos. However, this is not the case for everyone. 

There are people who tend to enjoy keeping their photos and videos on their devices. There are also those people who wouldn’t want to backup their files and delete them. The good about the Galaxy A20 is that it comes with an expandable storage. 

Keeping your favorite photos and videos should be a breeze once you insert a microSD on your smartphone. You can transfer your files from the phone’s internal storage to your micro SD. If you don’t want to keep on transferring files after taking a picture, you can simply set camera storage on Samsung Galaxy A20 and it will be saved automatically to your preferred storage location. 

Let me help you set the camera storage location on your Galaxy A20. Follow these very easy procedures provided below. 


  1. Open the Camera App. This could be located in the main screen if you have not changed your screen layout. 
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  1. Tap on the settings gear icon. It is located at the top left portion of the camera interface. 
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  1. Scroll to and select Storage location. 
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  1. You have two options. Either to save pictures on internal storage or SD card. Select which one you prefer. It is recommended to use the SD card as it will allow your device to get the extra space for other stuff. 
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That’s very quick, right? Now, you might need help on how you can reset the accessibility settings on your Galaxy A20. Just click here to know about the process. 

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