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How to Use Samsung Galaxy S9 as a Mobile Hotspot

Using the Samsung Galaxy S9 as a mobile hotspot means that you’re sharing your internet connection with other devices. Your phone should be connected to the Internet via mobile data and there are a few settings you will have to configure so that your Galaxy S9 will start broadcasting like a router and such frequency

How to Use Galaxy Note 9 as a Mobile Hotspot

You can use your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a mobile hotspot to share its internet connection with you other devices. In order to do so, it must have an internet connection via mobile data and while this is actually a really good, being a mobile hotspot is only as good as the amount of

Galaxy Note 5 not charging and not turning back on, other issues

Solutions for #GalaxyS7 issues are usually difficult to come by, especially if your case appears isolated. Like what we’ve been doing for the past few years, we bring you another article that covers issues sent to us by some of our readers. Below are the specific topics we cover in this material today: Galaxy Note

Latest Sprint Nexus S 4G Kills Tethering, Disappointing

A few weeks back we reported that the latest update to the HTC Thunderbolt, issued by Verizon Wireless, disabled the mobile hotspot feature found in the Android Operating System. In our story “Verizon: Android Hotspot Is Not Yours To Disable” we came to the conclusion that because the wireless hotspot feature was part of Android

Verizon: HTC Thunderbolt Hotspot Works and So Does Talk & Data on 3G

One of the hottest stories over the weekend was that an internal Verion document suggested that Verizon was holding back the Mobile Hotspot feature and Skype video on the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. However Verizon did an about face this morning that was discovered in a leaked internal memo that Droid Life and Engadget picked up.

Verizon Wireless Strips Down HTC Thunderbolt

Our friends at Droid Life are reporting that two of the key features to get a phone on Verizon, especially a 4G phone, will not be active at launch. According to Droid Life’s reliable but anonymous tipster, and confirmed by our anonymous tipster, the HTC Thunderbolt will not have Mobile Hotspot when it hits shelves