How to Turn On Mobile Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This post will show you how to turn on mobile hotspot on the Galaxy Tab S6 tablet. Read on for more detailed instructions.

With Mobile Hotspot, you can share your tablet’s digital cellular connection with a certain There are some instances in which a Wi-Fi connection is not available either because we are way too far from home or a network problem is transpiring. In cases like this, smartphones and tablets that have SIM cards with sufficient data credits or postpaid subscription play a vital role as you can use them to share Wi-Fi and browse the internet from another device. Such is made possible with the mobile hotspot feature enabled.

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In this context, I will walk you through the process of activating this feature so you can start sharing your Galaxy Tab S6’s internet connection with other supported devices when needed. 

Here’s how to set up your Samsung tablet to share its internet connection to other devices.

Easy steps to Turn On Mobile Hotspot on your Galaxy Tab S6

Time Needed : 5 minutes

Make sure that your tablet has sufficient power, if not fully charged beforehand. If necessary, plug the tablet into a power outlet while activating and using a mobile hotspot because there’s a higher chance that the battery drains quickly as it’s going to consume a lot of power.

  1. To get started, access the Apps viewer by swiping up from the bottom of the Home screen.

    On the Apps viewer, you will see many different icons or shortcut controls to built-in services and downloaded apps.turn on mobile hotspot galaxy tab s6 - home

  2. Tap Settings to proceed.

    A new screen opens with the main settings menu of your device.From the Settings menu, you will see a list of items comprising the basic and advanced features to manage.turn on mobile hotspot galaxy tab s6 - settings

  3. To access the device’s Wi-Fi settings and configure mobile hotspot, tap Connections.

    Another window opens with a list of network connectivity features and modifiable items.turn on mobile hotspot galaxy tab s6 - connections

  4. Scroll down a bit and then tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.

    The Mobile Hotspot menu opens next.Here, you can see a number of relevant features to activate including mobile hotspot, bluetooth tethering and USB tethering.turn on mobile hotspot galaxy tab s6 - hotspot tether

  5. To proceed with this demo, tap to turn on the switch next to Mobile Hotspot.

    A pop up menu opens beneath the screen. It’s basically a pop-up message telling that your tablet’s Wi-Fi internet will be shared by turning on Mobile Hotspot while connected to a Wi-Fi network.turn on mobile hotspot galaxy tab s6 - switch on

  6. Just tap OK to confirm that you grant permission to share your device’s internet connection through mobile hotspot and tethering.

    Doing so enables the Mobile Hotspot feature on your tablet.With this configuration, your tablet is all set to share its data connection to other devices.turn on mobile hotspot galaxy tab s6 - OK

  7. When you’re done using the internet via mobile hotspot, be sure to turn the feature off on your tablet.

    Just go back to the Mobile Hotspot and tethering menu on your tab s6 and then toggle the Mobile Hotspot switch to the OFF position again.turn on mobile hotspot galaxy tab s6 - switch off

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy Tab S6

Disabling the Mobile Hotspot feature is imperative not only to save battery power but more importantly, to avoid incurring extra charges for utilizing more data.

Important Notes:

While mobile hotspots are extremely useful, there are some things you should keep in mind before using it on your device. 

First, verify and ensure that your device has 3G, 4G or 5G mobile connectivity enabled. 

Your tablet must also be fully charged because mobile hotspots consume battery power faster.

More importantly, you must have enough if not, unlimited data credits to use the service without any interruption due to insufficient data.

And that covers everything in this quick guide.

To view more comprehensive tutorials and troubleshooting videos on different mobile devices, feel free to visit The Droid Guy channel on YouTube anytime.

Hope this helps!


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