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Instagram to add a view counter for video posts

#Instagram will soon add a view counter bar for video posts, letting you get an accurate reading of how many people have viewed a particular video. This is in line with what we see on apps like Vine (owned by Twitter) and was high time it made its way to a popular app like Instagram. The

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Instagram beta on Android getting multi user support again

The #Instagram beta app on #Android recently received multi-user support, allowing users with two or more accounts to handle their accounts without logging out and logging in each time. However, the beta app soon removed this feature without any notice, leaving users high and dry. But customers would be pleased to know that Instagram has

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Instagram on Android getting iOS like 3D Touch feature

#Instagram on #Android has just received a new update which introduces a rather interesting feature on board. As seen by a popular blog, the update now allows you to get a quick peek of images that are listed in a grid (this could be someone’s profile or a company page). When you long press one

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Instagram on Android now supports multiple accounts

If you open your feed today, you will find #BlackFriday deals in abundance. In the midst of all this, there’s some actual news coming through from our beloved image sharing site, #Instagram. The developers have finally enabled support for multiple accounts on Android, letting you control two usernames simultaneously. This is a feature that #Twitter has as well,

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Instagram now has 400 million users

Only 10 months ago, #Instagram had 300 million users. The image sharing service has now added another 100 million users within the time frame, taking the tally to 400 million overall. This tells us that the image sharing site has grown in popularity in some more regions, which can only be good news for #Facebook which

Instagram Launches Layout And Structure For Android

A few short months after launching the app for iOS users, Instagram has brought their Layout app to Android. For those unfamiliar, this app allows you to take your photos and make collages out of them. <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-cards=”hidden” lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Starting today, Layout from Instagram is available for Android. Download from Google Play: <a

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Instagram update brings three new filters and emoji hashtags

The Instagram for Android app has just received a new update which introduces three new filters, letting you customize your images even further. These filters are called Lark, Reyes and Juno. Instagram explains the functioning of these filters in its blog post: “Inspired by weekend adventures outdoors, Lark, Reyes and Juno are a family of

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Instagram for Android gets new Color and Fade feature

As part of the version 6.19.0 update of Instagram, the developers have freshly baked in support for features called Color and Fade, which will let you customize your images even further. They’re both contrasting to each other as Color lets you bring more life to the photos with the ability to add newer tints to your image

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Instagram’s new Layout app lets you make collages

Facebook owned Instagram has just released a new app called ‘Layout’ which is nothing but an innovative collage maker for your smartphone. The app is currently available for iOS users through the App Store, but will also be available through the Google Play Store soon. The app is pretty minimalistic in its approach in that it allows

Instagram could have its own Snapchat spinoff

Facebook launched Slingshot as a rival to the Snapchat app. However, some users of Instagram are reportedly getting notifications to try out a new image sharing service called Bolt, which in theory would be pretty identical to Snapchat and Slingshot. This makes things slightly complicated as Facebook owns Instagram and since they only recently launched Slingshot, it wouldn’t make sense to


Instagram v6.0 brings improved photo editing features

Instagram has just posted the version 6.0 update for the Android app with some much needed features in tow. In addition to improving several existing features, the developers have also added some more editing features such as the ability to adjust brightness, contrast and the filter strength. The update is being rolled out in batches


Facebook testing auto-play videos on certain Android devices

Facebook is still looking at new ways to maximize profits on the social network and video is starting to become a more loved medium, especially short-videos on Vine and Instagram Video. A recent update on Facebook Mobile will allow some videos to auto-play on the News Feed, but they will be set to mute by