How To Fix Instagram Has Stopped On Samsung Galaxy

Are you having an issue with “Instagram has stopped” error on your Samsung phone or tablet? This issue is usually accompanied by the same app crashing randomly. In some devices, the exact error may say “Instagram isn’t responding” but it’s basically the same as “Instagram has stopped.”

This troubleshooting article will show you the solutions that you can try to fix any Instagram errors you may be having.

Troubleshooting Instagram has stopped bug on Samsung Galaxy

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There are a number of possible factors that can cause an Instagram problem. This guide will help you find the cause of the problem and fix your issue.

  1. Find online solutions.

    Instagram problems are usually due by poor programming or server outages more than caused by device issues so your first troubleshooting step is to check if there’s any known issues at the moment. You can do that by going online, using Google search, and checking news about Instagram. Issues that affect a significant number of users usually get the headlines so any Instagram-related problems will be highlighted. If there’s any suggested fix for any existing problem, be sure to do it right away.Popular apps with billions of users stand to lose a lot if they encounter a serious problem so their makers are constantly on alert for any issues. Issues that affect many users are usually fixed right away by updates so be sure that you check for Instagram updates. You can do that by going to the Play Store and installing any Instagram update from there.error

  2. Force quit Instagram app.

    One of the direct troubleshooting steps that you can do for Instagram app is to reboot it. If your Instagram app keeps stopping or crashing without an apparent reason, or if there’s no known issue at the moment, force closing it may help.Learn how to force quit an app by following this post.force stop 1

  3. Refresh app cache and data.

    Another step that you can do to fix Instagram errors or bugs is by clearing the app cache or data. This troubleshooting step usually follows force closing an app. Every app compiles a set of temporary files called cache in order to work efficiently. Sometimes, this cache may become corrupted or outdated, causing an issue with the app. To ensure that there’s no app cache issue, make sure that you delete your Instagram app cache.Together with clearing the app cache is deleting the app data. This troubleshooting step is going to return the app to its factory state, deleting user data (app specific only), credentials, and updates. Basically, the app will revert to its original programming state, like when you first install it to your device. If there’s any data that causes the problem, or if there’s an update that causes the app to misbehave, this might help. If you have no idea how to clear an app cache and data, learn from this article.Storage 1

  4. Reinstall Instagram app.

    Some Samsung Galaxy devices may have their Instagram app as part of the original software package (pre-installed). If yours is not, you can try to delete it from the system and reinstall it instead of clearing its data. If you’ve already tried clearing the app’s data as mentioned above, then there’s no need to try this one.Uninstall

  5. Reset network settings.

    Some app problems are traced back to poor or inefficient network configuration in a device. You can ensure that your Samsung runs on good network setup by clearing the current network settings. Don’t worry, as this won’t disconnect you from your network operator or carrier. Learn how to reset your phone’s network settings from this article.reset button

  6. Submit bug report.

    If you still can, open the Instagram app and report the problem you’re having under the app’s Settings > Help > Report a Problem. If you are unable to load Instagram at all, you can visit their official help center center

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