Instagram Making It Easier to Recover Stolen Accounts

Instagram is reportedly working on a new update that allows users to reclaim lost or stolen accounts directly through the app. Currently, the process involves filling out a support form or sending the Instagram team an email. But thanks to the new changes, users will be able to ask for a verification code over their email or original phone number, thus allowing users with stolen accounts to maintain control of their account.

The media sharing network is also making it hard to claim a username even if the user has changed it. This affects both voluntary and forced changes (hacked accounts). The company claims that changing usernames will not be possible “for a period of time“, which further protects the identity of users. This feature may be a little annoying for people who like changing their username even if they haven’t been hacked. However, considering the number of accounts that are stolen or hacked on a daily basis, a safeguard like this is sure to keep Instagram users safe to some extent.

While this method still won’t stop hackers, the idea is that any attempt may be futile given how easy it will be to recover an account. Instagram has been plagued by security issues over the past few years, and this is only one of the ways to stay ahead of the curve. Instagram mentions that the changes are already available on the Android version of the app and should be hitting iOS devices soon.

Via: Engadget

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