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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Error: Unfortunately, Camera has stopped

The error message “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” is one of the common popups you may get every now and then but unlike the others, there’s always a possibility that the problem is more than just an app crash. We have encountered similar issues in the past involving high-end devices like Galaxy S9 and Note 8.

Xiaomi 108MP Camera

Xiaomi Confirms Working on a 108MP Camera Sensor

Chinese mobile manufacturers have been pushing the boundaries of normal for quite some time now. The latest addition to this list is popular brand, Xiaomi. Fighting it out against competitors like Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, as well as OnePlus, Xiaomi has announced that it will soon release a smartphone with a whopping 108MP camera on board.

Huawei Shows off Low-Light Images Captured with the Honor 9X Pro

Although Huawei has been facing an up and down battle over the past several months over tensions between the U.S. and Chinese governments, the company continues to churn out new phone that break the conventional norms. Its latest offering, the Honor 9X and the 9X Pro, have been teased multiple times on social media sites

Google Pixel 4 Could Come with a Telephoto Camera

It’s no longer a secret that Google is launching the Pixel 4 later this year. The company was even kind enough to acknowledge a triple camera layout for the upcoming Pixel flagship. However, the functionality of the third sensor was a mystery. While the rumor mill was rife with what this could offer, it seems

Pixel 4 - Screen Protector Skinomi

Leak: Pixel 4 Screen Protector Listing Reveals Dual Front Cameras

As we inch closer towards the Pixel 4 launch, it’s only normal to encounter a barrage of leaks. One of them is now coming from accessories manufacturer Skinomi, supposedly revealing dual front cameras for the upcoming Pixel 4. The rendering also appears to show a dual speaker layout, potentially minimizing accidental blockage of the speaker

Galaxy S5 camera takes blurry photos, other issues

Millions of #GalaxyS5 devices are still in active usage at this time so it’s not surprising to receive both common and uncommon reports of issues from Android community. Below are some of them that we’ve compiled over the past month. We are planning to publish more in the coming weeks to address other issues not

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Dual-camera toting Xiaomi Mi Note 2 leaks out

#Xiaomi is a company that is involved with a handful of innovative products in the market. The company’s latest innovation will come in the form of a dual-camera toting handset, dubbed the #MiNote2. While details are scarce on the device, we now have a rendering to go with, which tells us what to expect on

Galaxy S6 Edge does not boot normally, other issues

We bring you yet another post that addresses issues about the #GalaxyS6 series. Remember, if you don’t see your own issue not published here, kindly check our previous posts or watch out for more articles in the near future. In the meantime, these are the topics covered in this material today: Galaxy S6 won’t charge,

Galaxy S7 constantly disconnects from Wi-Fi network, other issues

Samsung’s most advanced smartphone, the #GalaxyS7, has proven itself that’s it’s worthy of the Galaxy S reputation for months now. But just like any other electronic device, many users are also complaining of issues using it. Below are some of these reported problems as well as their solutions. These are the specific topics covered in