Leak Claims Galaxy S11+ Will Feature 108MP ISOCELL Bright HM1 Sensor

We’ve come across plenty of leaks pertaining to the Galaxy S11 so far, and there’s a new one to add to that list. There’s been quite a bit of speculation over the camera sensor that Samsung will use for the upcoming flagship. A new revelation by popular source @UniverseIce on Twitter sheds more light on this. Apparently, the company will use a “unique new generation” 108MP sensor known as “ISOCELL Bright HM1”. It was previously believed that Samsung will use the ISOCELL Bright HMX, but it appears like the company is now firmly set on the HM1 sensor.

The tweet indicates that the sensor will be driven to improve low light photos by merging 9 pixels into a single pixel and allowing 0.8μm pixels to be converted to 2.4μm pixels. While Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi also has a 108MP camera it developed with Samsung, this new sensor will reportedly offer significantly better performance.

It’s also worth noting that the source claims Samsung will not offer this sensor to any other manufacturers. While this allows the company to maintain exclusivity on this high-quality sensor, it also means we will have to wait until the arrival of the Galaxy S11 to get camera samples.

Low-light photography is one of the most important aspects of mobile photography today. Fortunately, manufacturers are finally waking up to the requirements of the customers and offering excellent camera sensors. Samsung will have its work cut out, however, given the performance of the iPhone 11 Pro in terms of low-light photography. Not to mention Android manufacturers who are constantly pushing the boundaries of mobile photography.

What are features do you expect to see from Samsung’s new flagship? Let us know.

Source: @IceUniverse

Via: Android Central

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