Can Galaxy S22 Measure Heart Rate?

The Galaxy S5 was the first smartphone to ever sport a heart rate sensor and Samsung continued to include such a feature in its flagship devices until 2020. So the Galaxy S20 no longer has a heart rate monitor but it’s also the year when Samsung’s Galaxy Watch have already reached its full potential.

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In the business perspective, it’s understandable for Samsung to exclude the heart rate sensor in its phones considering it’s selling watches whose main selling points is health. So basically, many Galaxy device owners were frustrated because of it.

Then the Galaxy S21 was released without the heart rate feature, followed by the Galaxy S22. Even the Galaxy S22 Ultra is missing the heart rate sensor anymore. So the answer to the question if the Galaxy S22 can measure your heart rate or blood oxygen is NO.

Instead, you will be able to use your Galaxy S22 as your health monitor with the help of the Samsung Health app that allows you to monitor your daily activity, food intake, blood pressure, sleep hours, stress levels and more. However, you need to have a Galaxy Watch to be able to measure your blood pressure and heart rate.

Connect Galaxy S22 with Galaxy Watch

Time Needed : 3 minutes

If you already own one, then here's how you pair the watch with your phone:

  1. Make sure your devices are powered on.

    Also check the Bluetooth on your phone as it has to be enabled so it can see nearby devices.

  2. On your Galaxy S22, launch the Galaxy Wearable app.

    You may have to tap on the Samsung folder to find it.

  3. Tap Start.

    Your phone will then try to find nearby devices.

  4. Once it sees your Watch, tap on the option.

    You will then be prompted to confirm.

  5. Check the number on your watch and tap the check icon if it's the same as with your phone.

    You can also just tap Confirm on your phone.

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  • Galaxy S22, Galaxy Watch

Your phone might download the updated software for your watch so it will work properly but once the download is finished, you will be able to use both devices to monitor your health status.

However, if you’ve already paired your watch with a different device prior to this, then you will have to reset your Watch so they can connect properly. This is one of the annoying things with Galaxy devices; you will need to reset one to connect to the other.

But assuming that both devices have connected successfully, you have to open Samsung Health to monitor your heart rate and your activities.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

There are also third-party devices that will allow you to monitor your heart through your phone. The best example of that is the Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap. What it does is that it records your training session, store in its local memory and then transfer it over to your phone.

On your phone, you have to download and install the Polar Beat app, sign in with your Polar account and you can start downloading your training sessions and other data into the app. It might sound a bit complicated but it’s actually pretty easy.

You don’t need to stay within the proximity of your smartphone to keep the connection. Instead, you can do whatever you need to do and the chest strap will record your activity using its biometric sensors and whatnot. Such a technology is even easier than others that require constant connection between devices.


  1. Can a smartphone measure heart rate?

    Yes! There are smartphones that come with special biometric sensors that allow them to measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and other data. However, the last phone in Galaxy line up to sport such a feature are the S10 models. Those devices have their sensors located beside the camera at the back.

  2. How accurate are smartphone heart rate apps?

    Researches show that there are substantial performance differences between contact photoplethysmography-based apps had higher feasibility and better accuracy for heart rate measurement than non-contact photoplethysmography-based apps. So if a device offers you your heart rate data without even touching your skin, then that's probably inaccurate.

  3. Can I connect my Galaxy Watch to my phone together with my wireless earbuds?

    Bluetooth technology have seen significant advancements in the past three years. So you can now connect multiple devices with your phone at the same time. So if you have a set of Samsung earbuds you want to connect while using your Galaxy Watch, you can do that without any problem at all. Just make it a point to keep those devices within acceptable range.

  4. Can I rely on the heart rate readings of my devices?

    Having devices that give you data about your health is good enough. However, you should not treat them as equal to your doctor's advice especially if you have a condition. Heart rate data from your phone can be used for informational purposes only but once you feel something weird in your body, it's better to just go to the ER than rely on the data your phone is feeding you.