Android 11 May Finally Get Rid of the 4GB Video Recording Limit

While Android 10 is excellent in many regards, some feel that Google missed a trick or two with regards to features. Thankfully, the company is expected to fix that with Android 11. A new report talks about one such issue being resolved, one that allows Android users to only record up to 4GB of video. As per a report by XDA Developers, Android 11 will remove the limit altogether, thus offering users more flexibility with regards to their videos.

While Google has tried to fix this to some extent with Android 10 and the new Pixel 4, the device can only shoot up to 12 minutes of 4K UHD video before saving the video and recording a new clip. This is due to the 4GB storage limit set within Android for each video file. While this issue probably won’t matter to users who shoot small videos of up to 12 minutes in length, it can be annoying if you’re trying to leverage the true potential of your phone’s camera, especially on flagships like the Pixel 4.

This removal also makes sense with rumors suggesting we’re going to see phones with 8K video recording reaching the markets fairly soon. It is mentioned that a commit within the AOSP Gerrit indicates that this feature will be removed with Android 11.

So do you have to wait until Android 11 to see this feature on your phones? Well, most likely not since Google released the first Android 10 build in March this year. Going by this, it’s safe to assume that Google will release a beta build of Android 11 by March or April 2020.

Has the video recording limit on Android ever concerned you? What do you make of this news? Let us know.

Source: XDA Developers

Via: 9to5Google

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