Why the Nokia X can be big in China

Nokia X is reportedly selling like hotcakes in China. What could be making the smartphone a desirable Android-based device, even with its limitations? Android is big in China. According to Baidu, the country has about 270 million active daily Android users, mostly counting users who run variants of Android that support local app ecosystems and

Valentine’s Day gift ideas and best deals for Android enthusiasts

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a heart-shaped diamond locket, fancy romantic candlelight dinner at one of those $100-a-steak restaurants, and midnight walk on the beach followed by you telling her how much she means to you while gently stroking her hair, passionately undressing her and… well, you get the idea. But it’s frigging

Final Fantasy V for Android

Final Fantasy V for Android to arrive on September 26th

Final Fantasy V for Android will be released on September 26, according to an announcement made by Square Enix Europe on Twitter. Its arrival on Android comes around half a year since the same game was released for iPad and iPhone users in March 2013. Final Fantasy V for Android features and price Interested gamers

Fake BBM for Android apps

Fake BBM for Android apps flood Google Play

Plenty of fake BBM for Android apps are now on Google Play. A search for “BBM” on Google Play currently yields the following results: BBM for Android by Mobile Freakz, BBM Messenger for Android by Blackberry BBM Messenger, Messenger for Android by Messenger for Android, BBM Messenger Free by Blackberry BBM Messenger, BBM Messenger Pro

Foap on Android

Foap app pays you for photos

Foap, a photo-sharing social network that lets users earn from images they captured, has launched on Android. The app has been around since last year on iOS, but only made it to Google Play today. Users of the app are given access to what is called the Foap market. This is a place where users


Google adding offline viewing to YouTube for Android and iOS

YouTube has announced a new feature for mobile on Android and iOS, allowing users to download their YouTube videos for a short period of time and then watch the video offline, when there is on reliable Internet connection to be found. This feature has been added to some third party apps in the past, but

Maxthon web browser

Maxthon web browser to be preloaded on 100M devices

The Maxthon web browser will be preloaded on 100 million smartphones and tablets next year. His is due to a new partnership with MediaTek, or more specifically, RollTech, MediaTek’s value-added services arm. Maxthon and MediaTek Taiwan-based MediaTek is currently one of the largest mobile chipset suppliers in the world. It currently supplies companies such as

Chrome apps are heading to Android, iOS

Google’s desktop Chrome apps may be available on mobile devices in the future. The information comes from Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, a project manager for Chrome apps. Roy-Chowdhury recently talked to The Verge and revealed that their target is to have the apps run on all devices where Chrome runs. However, they are prioritizing desktop first because

Top Android Apps

Top Android Apps

The list of top Android apps has just been released by Digital Inspiration. To generate the list, their team extracted data from Google Play and Google Web Search. The list is divided into several tiers: apps that have an install base of 500 million to a billion; 100 million to 500 million; and 50 million


Vine userbase hits 40 million users

Instagram Video and Vine continue to compete, but the video sharing platform has not ended up in the pit, as many thought when photo-sharing giant Instagram announced the video feature to combat Vine’s growing popularity. Even though the amount of videos shared took a dip when Instagram Video was announced, the team has managed to


Matias Duarte gives opinion on Yahoo! Weather app

Matias Duarte, Director of Android, has spoken out about the Yahoo! Weather app that came to Android a few days ago, settling down some of the complaints from Android design addicts who believe Yahoo trampled on the rules. Taking the metaphor of a jam jar and how a manufacturer could make the process difficult, inefficient

Crazy Taxi for Android

Crazy Taxi for Android now supports NVIDIA Shield

Crazy Taxi for Android has rolled out version 1.2 which offers support for the NVIDIA Shield controller. The game’s previous version, which was launched just last month, only supported all HID, Xbox, and Power A MOGA controllers, apart from having standard on-screen touch and tilt steering controls. Android Police points out that SEGA appears to


Whatsapp announces 300M users, voice messaging feature

Whatsapp now has 300 million users. The company hit this milestone just around six weeks after the same hit its 250 million active monthly user mark. Whatsapp Achievements Whatsapp, which evidently loves statistics, also announced that 11 billion messages are sent via the app on a daily basis. An even greater number, 20 million, of


Netflix family profiles coming to Android soon

Netflix has officially launched family profiles, after the new feature cropping up on different platforms and then suddenly disappearing, with no indication of it coming back. With the large amount of platforms Netflix delivers content to, Android has been picked for the “second batch” of platforms. The first batch includes iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PlayStation

Google Play hits 50 billion downloads mark

Google has finally hit the 50 billion downloads milestone, according to CEO Larry Page. Page announced this new feat during the company’s recent second quarter earnings call. It took the Mountain View company around two months to add two billion downloads more since announcing during the Google I/O event in May that they had reached


TED 2.0 launches on Google Play with 20 new languages

TED has received a solid Android update straight to 2.0, with the inclusion of 20 new subtitle languages and some new UI changes. The move comes as TED continues to be used on both Android and iOS for presentations from some of the most fascinating speakers in the world. These twenty new languages allow the app to