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Spotify keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If Spotify keeps crashing on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, it could mean that there’s a problem with the app or it could be a result of a firmware issue. Whatever the case may be, you can always fix this problem as long as you’re willing to do some basic troubleshooting procedures. In this post,

5 Best Streaming Music Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Remember Napster, the pioneering peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing Internet service that emphasized sharing MP3 songs but quickly ran into legal difficulties over copyright infringement? In hindsight, Napster—and its successors, such as Gnutella, Freenet, Kazaa, and Bearshare—became popular mainly because of how convenient it was to use them. It turns out that most people couldn’t care

Spotify Android TV

Spotify now available on Android TV

#Spotify has now announced its arrival on #AndroidTV, letting customers browse their music library on the big screen. All the standard Spotify Connect features will be applicable here and Spotify will treat this as another device for easy switching between devices. It’s a bit surprising that it has taken the developers this long to come

Galaxy S5 not receiving any new Android updates, other issues

Do you have a question why your #GalaxyS5 no longer receives an update? The first issue on this post may help shed some light. Together with this specific update issue are some of the other common problems other S5 users have encountered. Don’t forget to visit this page if you want to check other S5

Spotify Video

Spotify Video already showing up on a few devices

#Spotify has long been expected to bring video to its popular music streaming platform. With the company undergoing testing of this feature, some users are apparently seeing video streaming on their app already, suggesting that the company might be ready for a wider release. It is believed that the Android version of the Spotify app

Google Chromecast getting support for Spotify thanks to a new update

The second-gen #Chromecast already supports #Spotify as we all know by now. However, the first gen model was lacking support, although #Google promised to enable it very soon. Well it now seems like the update has finally gone live with the owners of the original Chromecast finally able to use Spotify. In order to load Spotify

Spotify Android Wear

Spotify finally gets an Android Wear app

The Spotify app is pretty much a necessity for music lovers who like to stream songs on the go. The developers have now baked deeper integration with Android by including support for Android Wear smartwatches. Although support is only limited at the moment, it’s certainly a start. In its current form, it requires you to have