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Minecraft: PE Android Wear

User installs Minecraft Pocket Editon on an Android Wear smartwatch

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is quite popular with a large section of mobile users. But what if the app was ported onto a smartwatch? That’s exactly what a YouTube user named Corbin Davenport has done by sideloading the game to his Samsung Gear Live smartwatch. He has apparently used the standard ADB sideloading method to bring the game to the wearable,

These Android games keep my kids occupied on those long trips

“Are we there yet?” is a common question your restless and impatient kids will often ask during road trips. Whether you’re traveling during heavy city traffic or taking a long drive to the suburbs, kids simply don’t have the attention span to last the trip. Fortunately — or sometimes, unfortunately — these days, mobile devices

Xbox One games revealed for E3

Ryse: Son of Rome is a new game from Crytek that takes the concept of leading a medieval battlefield and puts you at the forefront of the battle. Leading the charge on the beachfront, the game showed some nifty concepts and design coming to the Xbox One console. This game will have SkyDrive and multiplayer


Mojang Release Trailer For New Game “Scrolls”

The creators of the hugely popular game Minecraft have released a teaser trailer for their new game named “Scrolls” the public beta for the game will be unleashed on June 3rd. Scrolls is a digital collectible card game kind of like the console version of Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering, this is the antithesis of

Minecraft Sells 240,000 Copies Over Christmas

Did you know Minecraft was popular? Yeah, who would of thought. Mojang has just released their Christmas sales figures, and they’re nothing short of amazing. What’s interesting about the sales figures is how Minecraft performed throughout 2012. 4,177,843 people bought a copy of Minecraft in 2012, and as PC gamer notes, this accounts for a

A 1:1500 Scale Model Of The World Inside Minecraft

Does Minecraft news ever get old? Not really, as it as always refreshing to see a new mapper looking to create something outstanding in the world of Minecraft. Builder lentebriesje has especially amazed the Minecraft community with his idea to create a 1:1500 scale model of the continents we live on. Yes, we’re talking about Earth. It’s pretty

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Review

Avaialble On: Android, iOS Price: $6.99 Download: Google Play | iTunes Minecraft has been an extremely successful game by selling millions upon millions of copies. Who would of thought that such a simple game would have beat even some of the bigger titles out there in sales records? Regardless, the Minecraft hit success has to come

Why You Should Try Tekkit In Minecraft

Mods are a bit intimidating to a lot of Minecraft players to install, but it might just be worth learning how that all works. Minecraft is fun its regular form, but wouldn’t you love to have a little extra added to it? To be honest, I personally would love having more things to work towards

Minecraft Gift Cards Now Available In The United States

Those who reside in the United States are going to be pretty excited with Mojang’s latest announcement concerning Minecraft. If you have been holding off on purchasing the hit title for various reasons and concerns with online purchases, you can now buy a Minecraft gift card to redeem the full game in-stores. Of course, it

Minecraft “Pretty Scary Update” Has Released

Alright Minecraft fans, the Halloween update is finally here! Developer Mojang has posted an info-graphic on their website slightly going over all of the new additions to the game. One thing players are going to be particularly excited about is the new Anvil feature. While you can not craft your very own “Dragon’s Tooth of Wisdom” weapon,

Minecraft 1.4.1 Provides An Extreme Amount Of Fixes

This upcoming patch to Minecraft is due to hit players clients on this Thursday, October the 25th. It seeks to fix quite a number of bugs that have been experienced as of late, including “wet wolves looking way too scary.” It is obvious that someone had obviously complained about these wet wolves looking too scary

MineCraft Getting New Monsters, Dyed Armor, Potatoes and New Potion

Apparently some users over on Reddit were able to gain access to an upcoming MineCraft snapshot that supposedly includes a bunch of new content to enjoy at your hearts content. A website PC Gamer has mentioned as PCGamesN said that the website were able to find the unofficial patch notes, which mentions carrots, potatoes, potions