Android 11

Google Launches Android 11 Developer Preview Earlier Than Expected

Taking everybody by surprise, Google has just launched the Android 11 Developer Preview. This preview is not meant for consumers, but for developers who will test Android 11’s new features while also making sure their apps are compatible with this Android version. This Developer Preview is currently compatible with the Pixel 2 and 2 XL,

Pixel 4

Google Pixel 5 Mentioned on AOSP Way Ahead of Launch

The code comments section on AOSP has for the first time revealed the existence of Google Pixel 5, the company’s flagship phone which will break cover only by fall 2020. Rumors have previously talked about Google unveiling a 5G toting Pixel mid-ranger, known as the Pixel 4a, by the end of Spring. Google is scheduled

Google Play Newsstand

Google May Soon Start Paying Publishers for News Content

A news report by WSJ claims that Google is currently considering paying news publishers a fee for using their content. The motive is not known, but it’s likely that Google is planning to launch its own subscription-based news service like Apple News+. It is said that Google is in talks with publishers in Europe, particularly

You Can Now Get Google Fi SIM Cards on Amazon for $10

The Google Fi SIM card is now available for purchase via Amazon for $9.99. A Fi SIM card was previously available only through Target, Best Buy or the Google Fi website. The SIM card also comes included with a $10 credit which effectively reimburses the customers for purchase. Google Fi which runs on a combination

Surface Duo

Video Shows Dual-Screen Surface Duo Running Google Maps

A new video from Microsoft’s developer event reveals how the Surface Duo can run apps like Google Maps on both screens. It is said that initial demonstrations of Google Maps on the device failed, but the company quickly rectified its mistakes. The Surface Duo was previously spotted on a Canadian train, suggesting that the development

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Launching on Feb 12

Samsung’s experience with smart home speakers has been less than fruitful. The company originally announced its first smart speaker, known as the Galaxy Home in 2018. In 2019, the company announced the Galaxy Home Mini. Surprisingly, both smart speakers are yet to hit the markets, though a report suggests that the latter might be launching

Nearby Sharing

Google’s AirDrop Alternative ‘Nearby Sharing’ Detailed in a Video

Only yesterday we came across a report that talked about Samsung’s iteration of Apple’s popular AirDrop functionality, reportedly known as “Quick Share”. Today a video posted by XDA shows what appears to be Google’s own version of AirDrop, simply named “Nearby Sharing”. The video shows how this feature works between two compatible phones. It’s clear

Google’s Stock Phone App May Soon Get Call Recording

An app teardown by the folks at XDA has revealed some interesting details about an upcoming update to the stock Phone app on Android. It is said that Google is looking to include a call recording feature within the app, thus making third-party call recording apps obsolete on the Android platform. This feature was reportedly

Problem Communicating With Google Servers Error

Problem Communicating With Google Servers Error

When getting a new Android phone the first thing you will want to do is to add your Google account information to the device. This will allow you to seamlessly access your personal information such as contacts ,emails, photos, and calendar just to name a few on your phone. There are however instances when certain

American Airlines to Start Using Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode at Select Locations

With Google Assistant touching 500 million active users per month, American Airlines has announced that it will start using Google Nest smart displays with Assistant and Interpreter Mode to assist non-English speaking travelers in its lounges. American Airlines’ Chief Information Officer, Maya Leibman said, “The science-fiction universal translator is now science fact. Incorporating technology like

Google Assistant Now Has 500 Million Active Monthly Users

Google Assistant is undoubtedly one of the most popular voice assistants out there. Well, Google has just announced that Assistant now has 500 million active monthly users. It’s worth pointing out that Google Assistant was said to be available on 500 million devices in May 2018, so it’s clear that the voice assistant has made

Galaxy Chromebook

Samsung Announces Galaxy Chromebook With a 4K AMOLED Display and S Pen

Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Chromebook ahead of the CES 2020 event, and it’s simply stunning. The first Chromebook to feature an AMOLED display, this Chrome OS notebook is packing a 13.4-inch 4K resolution touchscreen AMOLED display and a beautiful exterior design thanks to the aluminum construction. This allows the display to rotate 360

Pixel 4

A Pixel Launcher Bug Is Reportedly Hiding App Icons

The Pixel is one of the few phones in the market that offers a pure Google experience with a wide range of features and apps specific to the device. With Google recently announcing a “feature drop” that brought new features to Pixel phones, it seems like it has some issues as well. Some users are