factory reset galaxy tab s6

How To Factory Reset Galaxy Tab S6

When there’s an issue with your tablet and you don’t know what the cause is,  you can always count on the reset to fix it. So in this post, I will guide you on how to factory reset Galaxy Tab S6 to bring it back to its default settings and configuration.  There are two common

How To Master Or Hard Reset On Samsung (Android 10)

There can be different reasons for different people why they may need to perform a master reset or factory reset on their Samsung device. For many people, a reset of this kind can be the final troubleshooting step to fix an issue but it can also be a way to prepare a device to be

factory reset galaxy s20 delete all

How To Factory Reset Galaxy S20

It is important that you know how to factory reset Galaxy S20, or any smartphone for that matter, because problems occur every now and then even to high-end devices.  No matter what the problem is, you can always expect that a factory reset will fix it, especially if it’s not really that serious.  The procedure

How To Factory Reset A Samsung Galaxy Device (Android 10)

Factory reset, also known as master reset or hard reset, deletes all user data such as apps, photos, videos, contacts, messages, among others, in your Samsung device and returns the software settings to their defaults. When you perform a factory reset, you are basically wiping the device and reprogramming its software so it works without

Unfortunately the Process.com.android.phone Has Stopped

How to Fix “Unfortunately the Process.com.android.phone Has Stopped”

If you are seeing the error message “Unfortunately the process.com.android.phone has stopped” after you installed a new ROM or updated your firmware, there actually a couple of ways to fix it. READ ALSO: Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 “Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped” error The error message is triggered by the phone or SIM toolkit

How to Hard Reset or Master Reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

A hard reset or master reset is the other method of resetting your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or any smartphone for that matter. Unlike the usual factory reset, this one requires the user to reboot the phone in recovery mode to have access to the reset option. Moreover, you don’t need your phone to successfully

How to Hard Reset or Master Reset your new Samsung Galaxy S10e

A hard reset or master reset is just another way of doing the factory reset. Basically, they have the same benefits but performed differently. Apparently, this method is far more complicated so we don’t usually suggest this to our readers whose phones can still boot up successfully and can access Settings. However, if your device

How to Hard Reset your new Google Pixel 3a [Tutorial]

A hard reset should be done when your new Google Pixel 3a cannot boot up into the Home or Lock screen successfully. While most of the time boot issues are due to firmware problems that may allow you to use your phone, there are times when the boot process is interrupted and when it happens,