How To Factory Reset Xbox Series S

In this tutorial, we will show you how to factory reset Xbox Series S and explain a couple of reset options you can use. The steps are easy and pretty straightforward but make sure to create a backup of things you don’t want to lose before following them. Read on to learn more. 

The factory reset is the best way to fix any software-related problems with your Xbox Series S. However, doing so will also delete everything in it, including your games, accounts and settings. But if you’re planning to give it away or sell it, it’s important to reset it so as to protect your privacy.

Factory Reset Xbox Series S

Time Needed : 15 minutes

On the other hand, if you simply want to bring all the settings back to their default values without deleting your games, then there’s also an option for that. So make sure to choose the option that best suits your needs.

  1. On your controller, press the Xbox button to bring up the side menu.

    It’s the button at the center of the controller that lights up when the controller is powered on.factory reset xbox series s

  2. Press RB a few times to select Profile & system.

    It’s the last tab and often reflects your profile thumbnail.factory reset xbox series s 1

  3. Highlight Settings and press A to open it.

    It contains all settings you can change to make your Xbox work the way you want. factory reset xbox series s 2

  4. Highlight System and select Console info.

    Under this setting, you can change the name of your Xbox and view some information like the serial number, console ID and OS version. factory reset xbox series s 3

  5. Highlight Reset console and press A.

    This contains the type of reset you can do on your Xbox. factory reset xbox series s 4

  6. Reset settings but keep games and apps.

    If you want to reset the settings only, then select Reset and keep my games & apps.factory reset xbox series s 5

  7. Reset Xbox Series S and delete everything.

    If you want to completely wipe off your console’s storage and bring everything back to factory defaults, then select Reset and remove everything.factory reset xbox series s 6

Your console will restart and then delete everything that’s saved in its storage. You just have to wait until the entire process is finished. After the reset, you will be prompted to set up your console. 

And that’s how you factory reset your Xbox Series S. We hope that this tutorial can help you. 

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