How to Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”

If you are seeing the error message “Unfortunately the has stopped” after you installed a new ROM or updated your firmware, there actually a couple of ways to fix it.

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The error message is triggered by the phone or SIM toolkit application. So, if you are constantly getting the “Unfortunately the has stopped” error, here are ways to fix your device:

1. Clear Cache and Data of the Phone App

To access this option, go to Settings. Then, select Apps. Tap the All tab so that all the apps of your device will be displayed in a column. Scroll down until you see “Phone” or an option similar to it. Tap it, followed by selecting the “Clear Cache” option. If the problem persists, repeat the steps and include “Clear Data” in your actions. Reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.

2. Clear Cache and Data of the SIM Toolkit

Repeat the steps shown above. But this time, choose SIM toolkit from the list of apps under the All tab.

3. Fix Using Custom Recovery

Install the latest AROMA file manager, which can be found in the XDA website. Use it to delete the cache or temporary folder of “Phone” as well as the SIM toolkit app. Reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

4. Do a Factory Reset

As a last resort, backup your data and perform a Factory Reset. To do this, shut down your device normally. Next, hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power keys altogether until the phone vibrates. Once it vibrates, let go of the Power key but keep your fingers pressed on the rest. However, once you see the Android logo, let go. From there, backup and do a Factory Reset.

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102 thoughts on “How to Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped””

  1. happened on my Sony M5. i saw the sim icons blinking, so i took my sims out, put them back in then restart. my phone’s okay again

  2. Guys…do this…you have to unlock the phone first..but pop up won’t let…..
    Press ok on the pop up.
    The pop up might reappear just after few miliseconds after you have pressed ok.. during this miliseconds press a digit or alphabet of your password…then again click ok on pop up…again enter the next digit…thus enter whole password one by one and so you will have your phone unlocked…

    Then attach to pc…and delete bulky files to get some space…

    Cleaning a couple of GBs will solve the problem…

    That’s what worked for me…i also did after removing the sims..not sure whether removing sim helps actually or not…

  3. I’ve find everything including factory reset the message keeps displaying my device is Touching T6

  4. my phone keeps saying things like Settings has unfortunately stopped. Launcher has unfortunately stopped. everything does it i can’t even access my settings, because these messages won’t go away after i click ok i could really use some help fast.

  5. My phon is MI A1. After updating system on 1st Jan every time my mobile network is missing at time of calling & msg shows as has stopped. Plz give solution for this..

  6. Alcatel one touch tablet 310p model. Will not allow entry into settings. Kee getting com android stop message. Tried hard reset,tried erasing cache with recovery screen. But when it reboots it chase the correct date,time, but cannot connect WiFi. Because when I select settings the com android stop message appears. Can you help

  7. i have a zte grand x model z777 i cant factory reset it i cant clear the cache or data when i power the phone on it takes a while to come on when it does finally come on all i get is “unfortunatly the process has stopped” i mean different msgs but saying the same thing i have tried turning it off vol up and power button and home button at the same same rebooting factory reset nothing works please help me fix this

  8. Comment* my infinix phone is show me Process hand android phone unfortunately stopped,, hw can I do brase faster pls

  9. Each time my phone brings up this error unfortunate the phone the network of the phone disappeared. How can I resolve this if it keeps error keeps coming after factory setting several times..

  10. THANK YOU!: Purushotham August 23, 2017 at 8:06 am
    [This solution worked for my Verizon Galaxy S5!!!!!] Yayyyyyyyy!
    Here solution for above error
    if phone service is off in draw over other apps
    Settings -> Apps -> Click on Settings icon -> Draw over other apps -> click on three dots and select show system -> in that select choose phone services if it is off just on it.

    Draw over other apps has caused me A LOT of problems.

  11. have done all the above mentioned but not working for me. even my home button is not pressable as my phone is xperia c3 dual, can please help me out

  12. Why would a multinational company worth billions and how could they be so stupid as to leave their equipment open to something as terrible and maddening as a popup that cannot be turned off and constantly reappears, like every second, when you click OK? Really makes you want to switch to another manufacturer because it’s all in such poor taste! Who likes to have sour memories? What is wrong with these people? Just think how people must feel who have had this pop up problem, Oh how well I remember the Galaxy cell phone, they have this stupid message on their phones about NOT WORKING! Who needs them, we’ll find something else that works! (Apple…LG…etc.) NO SAMSUNG!

  13. It worked! Thank you.
    This was a headache for so long. Thanks for posting.
    I had error with Mesaage app so I cleared the cache for it

  14. Here solution for above error
    if phone service is off in draw over other apps
    Settings -> Apps -> Click on Settings icon -> Draw over other apps -> click on three dots and select show system -> in that select choose phone services if it is off just on it.

  15. I have a Samsung s8+ and the message pops up only when I try and text 6 digit numbers example#(811-811) so I click ok then moments after it vibrates I don’t know what to do because I’ve looked for the clear cache option in my settings and can’t find it

  16. Wow! This really worked. The stuff has been giving me problem for up to 24hrs now and I just followed the steps and it worked. I’m grateful

  17. Wow! This really worked. The has been giving me problem for like 24hrs now, I just followed the laid down steps and it worked. I’m so grateful

  18. You have become the love of my life mouah… Thanks a million saved me every thing the first option worked infinix x551

  19. The message pops up every 2-3 seconds requiring me to hit “ok” and then reboots, preventing me from doing any of this. Any suggestions?

  20. Mine is itel inote model #1352 phone.
    All the process above did not work, the “unfortunately the process has stopped” is not even allowing me to input password. Sincerely I can do nothing with the phone, please help.

  21. I did all the above things but there is no use. Still my phone is showing the same error “unfortunately the has stopped”. Please do the needful.
    Thanks in advance.

  22. my phone was stop while I was listening to music online, and then when I turn it on, it doesnt work saying that the ( I cannot remember exactly the word) is stop working, until now I don’t know what to do with that. I need some help for my study tools are all at my phone. I tried to reset it, reboot but it doesn’t work well. 🙁

  23. Facing same problem in my intex aqua but it is not detecting sim card is it obivious in this situation

  24. by the App Setting of my phone wouldn’t open as well… what will i do with it?! i already tried flashing it, it still doesn’t work… my phone is samsung galaxy A9…

  25. I have tried to do the above as in holding the keys down,it still shuts down within 10 seconds and although I saw the screen to reboot it would not respond ,so now it is still not working and in safe mode.i have a pixi alcatel can anyone help me fix it?

  26. Hello… my namen Angel Arce i just have problem my samsung Luna connect sorenson ntouch comunicate deaf ok problem show said “unfortunately ntouch Mobile has stopped how help me fix

  27. I have an ereader tablet, which is ericcson, i have done everything above, but it is still coming up with android.process stopped etc….. i have gone to apps, etc, done all that and it is still coming up…..every time i go to google play store to update or install an app the same old thing comes up, ‘android stopped process’ etc…… so i can’t even upload any apps. i have done everything now, started from scratch, put in all my old apps, facebook won’t even let me update as the message comes up and covers the actual download percentage, so when i click on OK again to clear that dam message, it automatically goes back to the home screen, so i can’t even upload any apps at all

  28. i have a smart ultra 6 phone nd i have tryed to fix it myself but nothing is working. What should i do next???

  29. I had this problem on an HTC One M8. I tried a lot of things and finally I was able to get to the Phone app in the App Settings. ALL of the permissions for the phone app had gone away. As soon as I toggled back the permissions this error went away. Good luck.

  30. i tried . but i did not find tool kits on the list..when i opt for factory reset again after some time it ended with the same old message. this problem started when i forgot (?) my phone security code. to enter right code it gave me 30 chances. all the codes i remember for 24 times and stopped. later this Phone Has Stopped error coming. my mobile is LG K 10 LTE/ K420 ds

  31. i have done all the above methods but it is not solved the problem Unfortunately, the process has stopped.’ my phone is yureka plus , please tell me the solution

  32. I get this message only when trying to stop a short code service. All other messages are ok I have tried the data and cache clearing.but still get this message. Don’t know what else to do

  33. Comment*I tried everything and it still shows the same thing …….need help asap don’t know what to do anymore
    phone type fondi T602B tablet

  34. Sir I do all type of method but my mobile will not work my mobile name HISENSE HSL691 please help me sir

  35. Adil Akram
    July 5, 2015 at 6:52 am

    Take out the SIM card from phone, it will not restart.
    It worked .Thanks Adil

  36. how to fix when enter sim card in device receive an error message unfortunately the process has stopped what to do please answer me quickly

  37. The problem with mine it is a brand new asus zenpad running android and I cannot access the pad because I get this message soon as I start the pad, So how do I get to settings??

  38. I tried clearing caches and data. Nothing worked. Finally did a factory reset and I’m back in business. Thank goodness most of my info was on an SD card and I was able to back up my contacts before pulling the trigger. Thanks for the help. I would’ve chucked the phone otherwise.

  39. Just got this issue on a stock LG V10. My issue is after a little bit, when trying to go to the menus to clear the cache, the phone restarts. I’m trying a factory reset in hopes it works but I had to reset my Google account so I won’t know until tomorrow.

  40. i tried but nothing change?
    my friend said that i need to openline it in technician…

  41. I had the same error (Unfortunately the Has Stopped) with a Samsung S5 Neo that we had installed a new SIM for. The phone was locked to Bell/Virgin (Telus network in our area), and the SIM was for 7 Eleven Speakout (Rogers network). Whenever the SIM was inserted, this error message would appear every couple seconds. We had unlocked the phone at, but the unlock prompt would not appear. Resolved by inserting a Telus SIM from another phone, which immediately then requested the unlock code, which was successful. Then inserted the Speakout SIM, and the phone has worked perfectly ever since.

  42. I bought an Android tablet with no phone function, sot I have no Telephone app to mess with. Furthermore, when I first started it the tablet let me into Google Play Store, once. I had to uninstall the 4.4.2.. version and install the 4.2.2. version of Play to get in. Oddly, the Android system running is 4.4.2. Why do sellers modify Android? Yeah, to put adware on it. Oh, how do I solve “phone has stopped”?

  43. I have a ZTE ZMax Pro and after an Android update, the Phone dial pad
    didn’t work. Everything else worked fine. I could get calls but not make
    them. The dial pad disappeared each time I opened it.

    I tired
    everything from going to Safe Mode, to deleting voicemails and all my
    apps. What did work was something dumb. … I changed the time from
    standard to military (24 hour) and BAM! My phone worked again.

    literally was at the end of solutions that this page suggested.
    Solution 5 worked for me. I almost gave up and I didn’t want to factory
    reset it.

    Solution 5: Change Date/Time format
    Weirdly, many Samsung Galaxy smartphone users have fixed this contacts
    app automatically closing issue by simply editing the time format from
    the date & time settings. Here is how you can do that:

    Go to Settings >> Data & time
    Tap on “Use 24 hour format” or uncheck it if already is
    Now also choose a different date format

    Try opening the contacts app and dialer and check for the error.

  44. Unfortunately the Has stooped working: it is mostly happen when your phone memory get low mean do not have space in phone memory, simply transfer your data from phone to your SD card and restart your Android device. it worked for me, hope it work for you as well.

  45. If uve tried everything and ur phone stills shows that error especially when u want to recieve a phone call…..go to settings….go to all……scroll down to accessibility….. Deactivate everything dere….lyk du battery saver…cm security…..den try calling ur phone check if u can pick it now…worked perfectly for my tecno h7…….nd if it dosent work flash ur fone carefully install few apps nd keep checking until u activate something or install an app dah makes ur fone give you that error…den deactivate d setting or uninstall d app….

  46. The only solution I found was to reset the phone. I tried to back-up my contacts and apps in google. After the reset, google restored most of the apps and contacts, however, I lost all messages, photos and notes. Sucks…

  47. What other processes could refer to?

    I have a tablet and it gives me this error every second no matter how many times I push okay.

    My tablet is already screwed so I already tried factory reset and I
    cannot flash as I have tried 3 top roms and my tablets factory ROM and
    it just wont do it so I JUST WANT TO KNOW how do I remove it or what app
    do I remove to get rid of it?

  48. I found a fix for those of us who still couldn’t fix this issue agree the helpful comments above. Some people can’t clear the cache or data from the phone app because of the error message. So this is what I did and it finally fixed it after 3 days of over thinking and software trouble shooting. Turn the device on and when you see the error message just hit OK…try to get through the initial set up (you can just go last the WiFi and Google setup of you’d like) by hitting the NEXT or OK keys between the error message pop-up…its hard but time it just right, you’ll get it. Now you’ll eventually be at the home screen. Now, keep hitting OK on the error message just like you have been…over and over…eventually after 30 to maybe 50 or so times (I noticed it varies for some reason…) the message will stop! BUT don’t be fooled, it will come back. So while the message has went away, THEN proceed to take the following steps.
    1.) Goto Apps, then find Settings
    2.) Scroll down to Apps in the Settings mente
    3.) Swipe over to the last tab, ALL (you won’t find the app we’re looking for under Downloaded or Running.)
    4.) Find the Phone app and select it. Now, since the error message isn’t popping up, you’ll notice you can actually hit Clear Cache and then Clear Data and it’ll actually do something this time.
    5.) After hitting clear cache and clear Data, go back to the list that you found the Phone app in and scroll on down to SIM Toolkit and do the same thing (clear cache, clear Data). I don’t know if this is necessary but these are the steps I took and doing the SIM Toolkit as well won’t harm anything.
    6.) Now you can connect to your WiFi and set up your Google by going to Settings-WiFi and Settings-Accounts-Google-Add Account.
    I hope this helps someone because I thought my phone was doomed and some of talks comments helped me figure this out so.THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

  49. My Samsung S4 Android keep rebot . each time it does so process com android . phone appear on the screem . how do i fix this .

  50. I have a Moto G .I updated 5.02. 3 months later My phone suddenly swtiched off. Then when I turned on the phone this sms alltime come in front of the desktop and no software work on. I try to factory restart but nothing woks as well then I install the software of Motorola for flash but nothing gone well. It will very useful for me if anyone know about the solutions of the problem.

  51. i happened to delete some an app that reads the simcard when inserted.. my phone does not read any simcard… how can i get the app? please assit

  52. GOt the same issue. my phone keeps on restrating and more often, wont start . just keep on flashing android once turn on

  53. My mobiel give the line above but i can do nothing white it as soon as i touch the screen the line is back what now ps as you can see my englisch is not to good nut i can read it all

  54. Hi guys, I’d like to share how i was able to fix this problem, well at least its working so far..In my case, I noticed that the reason for this is the contacts storage, so i used to clear the data for the contacts storage every now and then (cause every time my phone restarts by itself, this problem appears). I got tired of it, I downloaded Clean Master App, there you will see “Phone Boost”, click that and you will see the Auto start manager, you need to Block the apps that are auto restarting. If you know what app is the cause of your trouble, try blocking it and boost your phone. It should work like mine. At least I got 1 less problem for my Samsung S4, resarting by itself is still unsolved though 🙁

  55. Just take our SIM card from phone, it will not restart.
    Then go to Settings -> Application Manager -> All -> Phone process -> Clear Cache

    Insert SIM card back

  56. Hi there! Thank you very much for taking the time to write this article. It helped me solve my problem in a couple of minutes. Cheers!

  57. i bought honor huwai android phone and from last 5 days ….’Unfortunately, the process has stopped.msg is coming on the screen …so please what should i do….or what about my data of mobile…data lost tau nhi hoga………
    please sir jaldi bta do..

  58. I’ve been looking all over the internet for a solution to my problem, and nothing have worked yet. I’ve tried clearing the cache (and often data as well) for phone, internet and chrome. My setting does not keep activities. I have not tried factory reset, because I cannot backup all my phone’s data as of now.

    The problem with my phone is that I cannot connect to the internet at all. Because I’m out of the country right now, and will be for a while, I cannot use mobile data (because of my phone plan). I’ve been relying a lot on internet for communication with others, and though I can do it fine with my laptop, it’s not exactly easy for me to carry it around everywhere.

    What happened was this afternoon, I suddenly received the pop up “Unfortunately, Internet has stopped” when I tried to log in to my uni’s wifi network. I used chrome after that and things were fine.

    But then, the message kept on popping up and suddenly the phone kept on restarting itself. This happens constantly! After the phone is fully loaded, it restarts again!! When I switched off the wifi, the phone worked well. But I noticed that facebook and whatsapp were uninstalled (not by me). Maybe the problem lies with the wifi connection thing, cause whenever I switched it on, the phone restarts on its own. But if the wifi is on without being connected to any networks, the phone is fine.

    After a while, I also started to get the pop up “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”.

    Since I’m living in campus right now, the only wifi network available for me to connect to is the university’s. So I don’t know if this is just a problem with the univ. or just wifi networks in general.

    I have this phone for about two years already. It is not rooted. I’ve dropped it several times but it still works fine. I have not installed any new applications recently. All I did today was scroll through tumblr. Uninstalled that app too just in case, but problem remained.

    If any of you know what’s up or what to do, that’d be a great help!

  59. I recently bought a S4 Tab, First day it worked perfectly, then the second day it started giving me the error message “UNFORTUNATELY MESSAGES HAS STOPPED”, I then googled it and got a solution but clearing data and cache didn’t work, only the resetting factory settings worked
    And when its not used for overnight it automatically switched off, in the morning have to
    switch it on. The third day, when I switch it on error message poped up “Unfortunately, Process has stopped”, and it blocks even unlocking the sim to get to
    the apps maybe I can be able to clear the cache or reset the factory settings

  60. SETTINGS -> CONTROLS -> MOTIONS -> Turn over … Mute/Pause (Mute incomig calls and pause playing sounds when screen on.) – Plug in “OFF”.

  61. Hi! My phone has fully stopped, and the screen went black, the only thing I see is the Error massage: ‘Unfortunately, the process has stopped.’ I can’t go to the home screen, nor into the options…

    LG G2

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