How to Factory Reset a Samsung Galaxy A20

If you are looking for a refreshing UI experience again on your Galaxy A20 device, performing a factory reset might satisfy what you want. This process will revert all configurations on the device to their default values and options. Learn how to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy A20 smartphone as you read further. 

Your smartphone’s performance will always degrade over times of usage. A lot of factors could affect the way your device will provide such performance. It could be due to rogue files from the apps being downloaded, or those erratic cache from using the web browser. 

Apps that are performing poorly may affect the overall device experience that your Galaxy A20 could provide. Though there are few solutions that may work in fixing these kinds of problems, your last resort could be a factory reset. 

Performing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy A20 will not only erase apps and other files, but it could also cure different problems. Severe conditions may be rectified by this procedure as it will refresh the phone’s performance by removing the cache files and other data that may have been corrupted. 

Factory reset has always been a helpful solution to several issues. So if your Galaxy A20 is already performing poorly and has an issue that keeps on coming back, give this procedure a try. Find out the simple procedure on how you can factory reset a Samsung Galaxy A20 below. 

Prior to doing a factory reset, make sure that you know the google account credentials for your Galaxy A20. You will need it upon setting up the phone again after the process is completed. 


  1. Access Settings from the Home screen. 
  1. Scroll to and select General Management. 
  1. Tap on Reset. 
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  1. Select Factory Data Reset. 
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  1. Read the information. Once you are ready, tap on Reset. This will initiate the process. You might need to enter your phone’s PIN code if you have set up one. 
  1. After the reset, your phone will restart. Setup the device like the first time you got it. If it is bound to a google account, you will be asked to enter the google credentials to activate the phone. 

Now that you have performed a factory reset on your Galaxy A20 successfully, just use the device as normal and download those apps that you need most. Aside from the factory reset, you can also perform a hard reset to revert your device settings to its original composition. 

Instead of using the phone’s menu, hard reset uses the hardware keys to initiate the restoration. If  you want to know more about this process, just click here. You can also visit our Youtube channel to watch tutorials and troubleshooting videos. Feel free to subscribe and don’t forget to give our videos a thumbs up. Thank you. 

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