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How to Factory Reset Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through restoring the newest Google Pixel smartphone to its factory default state. Here’s a quick guide to restore all default settings on the Google Pixel 7.

Time Needed : 4 minutes

Just like any other electronic devices, Android smartphones also have a reset button that you can tap on whenever you need to wipe everything and restore factory defaults. Performing a factory reset in Android devices can be accomplished in different ways. You can use the system reset command via settings or use the factory data reset option via Android system recovery.Depicted below is a step by step walkthrough about performing a factory reset on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone via settings menu. Feel free to refer to this guide if you’re new to this device and need some input restoring it to its factory state.Before you begin, be sure to back up all your important data from the internal storage. Failure to do so will result in permanent data loss as this reset will erase everything from the phone’s system including all your downloaded apps and files, saved contacts, settings and other added contents. You can back them up to your cloud account or any secure storage media. Once you’ve secured the backup, you may go ahead and proceed with these steps.

  1. To begin, open the Settings app by tapping on the gear icon from the Apps tray of your phone.

    enable usb debugging mode googleYou can also launch the Settings menu by tapping on the gear icon from the quick settings panel of your phone.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find System from the given options and then tap on it to continue.

    enable usb debugging mode googleThe system menu opens next. Here, you will see system-related options and features.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom section and then tap Reset options.

    factory reset googleAnother window opens with a list of all available system reset options.

  4. Tap the option Erase all data (factory reset).

    factory reset googleThe Factory data reset menu will load up next with more details about the type of data it will erase when triggered.

  5. Read and review more details about the factory reset and then tap Erase all data at the bottom to proceed.

    factory reset googleThe phone will then instigate wiping all saved data from the system storage.

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The entire reset process may take several minutes to complete depending on the amount of data to wipe or erase. That said, you will have to wait patiently. Also do not do anything on your phone that may interrupt the reset process. An interrupted reset may result in fatal system errors due to corrupted data fragments. 

The phone may likewise instigate a series or automatic system reboots to apply all recent system changes. After the final reboot, your phone will launch the Home screen. By then, you can start configuring your device settings and set everything up as new. Expect your device to look and work like the first time you power it up from the box.

As for your backup files, you can restore any of them from your backup drive or storage device individually or simultaneously, if supported.

Performing a factory reset is usually recommended when dealing with fatal system errors and recurring performance issues such as frequent lags, unresponsive apps, system crashes and random system restarts (boot loops).

The above steps are only applicable if the phone is responsive. To factory reset a frozen or unresponsive Google Pixel 7, you will need to do the alternative (hard reset) via Android recovery mode.

And that’s how to restore all default settings (factory reset) via settings on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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