WhatsApp Group Chat Invite Links Are Being Indexed by Google

A report has revealed how Google has indexed WhatsApp group invite links that were not meant to be shared, raising concerns about user privacy. It is said that around 470,000 group invitation links were exposed due to the indexing. Facebook had received a complaint about Google indexing chat URLs a few months ago, but the

Facebook Images Not Loading

Facebook Images Not Loading In Windows 10

Facebook is considered as the largest social media and social network company in the world today. It has several outstanding features that allow anyone to stay connected and updated with various information. Although accessing this website on your computer is quite easy, there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing


Instagram Removes the IGTV Button From Its App

It’s no secret that Instagram has introduced a lot of changes to its app, including the introduction of IGTV, a dedicated platform for longer videos, designed to encourage creators to upload long-form original content. Shortly after, Instagram also added a dedicated IGTV button on the top right of the app’s home screen. Well, the icon

Permanently Delete Facebook Account

Permanently Delete Facebook Account In Windows 10

Facebook is a social media and social networking website founded in 2004. It is a free service that allows its subscribers to stay connected with one another while sharing several content such as photos, videos, articles, and their opinions. If you want to permanently delete Facebook account then you have come to the right place

Turn Off Facebook Notification On Chrome

How To Turn Off Facebook Notification On Chrome

Facebook is a popular social media network that allows people to stay connected. You will usually be getting notifications from friends or groups you follow on their latest updates. While this can be good, sometimes you just want to prevent getting these notifications, especially if you are working. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting

Facebook Videos Not Playing In Chrome

How To Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing In Chrome Issue

Facebook is a popular social media network which allows people to connect easily with one another. It can be accessed from almost any computing device from a computer, phone, or tablet. On a Windows 10 computer, the popular way to access this network is by using Google Chrome. There are however instances when certain issues

Facebook Pay

Facebook Announces Unified Payments Service Known as ‘Facebook Pay’

While Facebook already allows sending payments on Messenger, the company has today announced a more robust payments platform known simply as “Facebook Pay“. In a detailed blog post, the company mentioned that this service will be available on the core Facebook app as well as Messenger, while it will eventually make its way to Instagram

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messaging

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messaging Quick and Easy Way

Facebook is currently the largest social networking site today with more than one billion people around the world that having an account. You might be wondering why is it so popular? One main reason behind this is it allows people to easily connect with others and share various content. There are however instances when you