WhatsApp Group Chat Invite Links Are Being Indexed by Google

A report has revealed how Google has indexed WhatsApp group invite links that were not meant to be shared, raising concerns about user privacy. It is said that around 470,000 group invitation links were exposed due to the indexing. Facebook had received a complaint about Google indexing chat URLs a few months ago, but the


Instagram Removes the IGTV Button From Its App

It’s no secret that Instagram has introduced a lot of changes to its app, including the introduction of IGTV, a dedicated platform for longer videos, designed to encourage creators to upload long-form original content. Shortly after, Instagram also added a dedicated IGTV button on the top right of the app’s home screen. Well, the icon

Facebook Pay

Facebook Announces Unified Payments Service Known as ‘Facebook Pay’

While Facebook already allows sending payments on Messenger, the company has today announced a more robust payments platform known simply as “Facebook Pay“. In a detailed blog post, the company mentioned that this service will be available on the core Facebook app as well as Messenger, while it will eventually make its way to Instagram

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messaging

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messaging Quick and Easy Way

Facebook is currently the largest social networking site today with more than one billion people around the world having an account. You might be wondering why is it so popular? One main reason behind this is it allows people to easily connect with others and share various content. There are however instances when you would

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shows “Messenger has stopped” error

The error message “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped” that seems to be bugging some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus actually means that the Facebook Messenger has crashed for some reason. Most of the time it’s just an issue with the app itself but sometimes, it’s a result of a firmware issue that needs to

Photos On Facebook Private

How To Make Photos On Facebook Private Easy Steps

Facebook is currently the most popular social network in the world today that boasts of 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of this year. Anyone can access their account from any device as long as it has an internet connection. If you are using a computer then you can use a