Samsung Galaxy Note 2

This page will serve as an index of all Samsung Galaxy Note 2 problems, errors, and glitches we’ve already addressed as well as solutions, troubleshooting guides, fixes and how-tos that we’ve posted on our site.

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  1. I have problem in may note 2 it says ussid invallid or imi code error while checking blance or any ussid is dialed please give me some solution……

  2. My note2 will not charge because there is an error message that says charging stopped battery to hot but my battery isn’t hot i have even bought 2 new battery’s and i still get the error message i sure hope you can help because no one else knows for sure what it is

  3. Hi. I have a problem with my Note 2 LED. It stay on (red but dimmed) all the time, even after turning the phone off, the LED is still there. I performed Hard Reset, the red LED still lighting. Is it a software issue or hardware.

  4. The back keys of my galaxy note 2 is not working.while using internet it lost its connection continuously

  5. In the middle of using my note 2 it just randomly shut off. Tried plugging into charger and it wont do anything. It was completely random. Help??

  6. camera, speaker, mic, and the calling all does not work and the system restarts in its own i don’t know what to do please help

  7. When I open module data and try to use any app, in Boston “exit”.nothing is happening. Please help me

  8. My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 just has a fuzzy screen that stays on with no writing. It started when I was trying to correct a “staying in reboot position” by pressing the Volume key, power key and the button at the bottom per online instructions and now just a fuzzy screen. How can I fix the problem or is it fixable?

  9. In order to address the error “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped”, I followed the steps you mentioned. But “Clear Data” option is not active

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