Samsung Galaxy Note 2 No Sim Error Solutions

One user of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 told us that he has been getting a “No SIM” error in his handset. He tried inserting a friend’s SIM card to his unit which worked. But whenever he tries his own, the error shows up. He also used his SIM to another phone which worked fine.

Solutions to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 No SIM Error

Looking at the complaint, the problem is obviously not the SIM since it worked on other devices. We can rule out a hardware problem on the part of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as well since other SIM cards seemed to worked based on the account of the user.

There appears to be a similar problem by a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user in one of Vodafone UK’s forum. His mobile device is completely new but his new SIM cannot be detected by it.

#1 Solution

One user suggested cleaning the SIM since the sensors of Samsung devices sometimes get overly sensitive. So, he just cleaned his SIM and SIM card slot with a soft and clean cloth. It worked for him.

#2 Solution

Another said that it was due to the overheating of the battery. This is possible since the battery is closely placed near the SIM slot. If this is the case, turn off the phone and remove the battery for a while to let it cool down. The person who posted the problem agreed with this and identified the issue to be related with this.

If the battery overheating persists, try closing apps running in the background that are not needed. One problem with new Samsung units nowadays is that they are packed with bloatware that take up so much processing power. This results to overheating.

Now, if letting the battery rest and closing apps do not work, then the battery needs to be replaced already. For a new phone, this issue can be raised to Samsung or the dealer that sold the product too.

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  1. Unfortunately it didn’t work, your methods sound effective and i appreciate that but i was considering if you could fully explain to me what i should do because i put my sim in and the network bars show but its not registered…..any way i could solve this problem….email me asap

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