Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery That Drains Quickly

Among the most common problems Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners encountered was the noticeable quick draining of the battery. There are a lot of factors that could contribute to the issue, however, it is almost impossible to pinpoint it. That is why we have written this troubleshooting guide that will walk you through finding what the problems are. Knowing the problem will lead to resolution, so read on if you’ve been suffering from Galaxy Note 2 quick battery draining.

Common Causes


Solution 1: Make sure you are using the original battery and/or charger that came with the phone. These components were rated based on the phone’s power usage. The Galaxy Note 2 has a battery with 3100 mAh capacity, anything lower than that won’t last longer. The phone’s charging unit is rated 2 Amperes, which could charge the battery quicker. If you bought a charger with higher rating, charging might even be quicker but that’s not really a guarantee. It’s always better to use the original units or the recommended replacements.

Solution 2: Try to recall if your phone was exposed to water or any form of liquid. If it was, that could be the reason why your battery drains faster. All you need to do is bring the phone to an authorized technician and have it cleaned and dried. Your phone’s battery usage will be back to normal once the problem was addressed. Furthermore, it is not recommended to turn the phone on once it was exposed to water; it would create a lot of problems.

Solution 3: Pressing the Home button while an app is running does not close the app, rather it just minimizes it and leaves it running in the background. Over time, you will have hundreds of apps, including android services and widgets, running in the background and this would eat up not just the RAM but also the battery. To close recently used apps, go to the Home screen the press and hold the Home button. Swipe left or right to close apps one by one.

Moreover, to test if it’s really the apps that causing the drain problem, boot your Galaxy Note 2 to safe mode and leave it on until the battery is totally drained. Compare the length of use when your phone was in normal mode. If there’s a huge gap, then you’ve just confirmed apps are draining your battery. Try disabling some of it or uninstalling those that you don’t use anymore.

Solution 4: If you were using an app that streams music or videos using mobile data, it could be that you haven’t closed the app and it was left streaming media in the background. To close it, you could try accessing Recent Apps window from the home screen or by going to Application Manager under Settings and force closing the app from there.

Solution 5: Everything that runs in your phone uses power but wireless connectivity features are among the ones that eat up the battery faster than other apps. Disable WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS, and other location services when not in use. Remember that when these features are left enabled, they keep on searching for networks.

Solution 6: It could be that a bug is causing the problem, so if there is an available update package waiting to be pulled down, take a little time to update your phone to the latest firmware and it usually brings bug fixes and other enhancements. The same goes to applications you installed on your phone. If you can find new updates, don’t hesitate to implement them.

Solution 7: Both the charger and the battery give out heat to keep electrons flowing. However, when the battery is exposed to too much heat, it discharges faster than usual. If you can feel that your phone becomes unusually hot, stop using it and employ the services of an authorized technician to have the device checked; it’s for your own safety. Don’t you know that batteries explode when exposed to heat?

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  1. My phone doesn’t charge and the charger is working, i even tried another charger and still doesn’t work.

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