Can’t Delete Pictures From Gallery On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 [Answered]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s stock gallery app is a good photo manager. Among its basic functions are stocking up photos in an orderly manner, create thumbnails, view pictures depending on user’s preferences and of course, delete them if the owner wishes so.

Deleting of photos are very easy yet there are a lot of people who find this operation so difficult to do not because the procedure is complicated but because deleted photos may still appear in the gallery moments after they have already been deleted, which is, of course, strange to many owners.

Well, we have received several emails describing this very same problem. If you are one of the people who is currently bugged by this issue, this post is for you. But don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.

Understanding the Problem

Before anything else, there is some information you need to know about your Android phone. When you take photos using your phone, the gallery app will manage the output. All pictures will be store locally and can be viewed by either navigating to your phone’s internal storage or microSD card or by launching the gallery app.

When your phone is connected to the internet and syncs are on, the photos will automatically be synced to your Google Plus or Picasa accounts (both are Google products). So, there would be multiple copies of your photos. When you delete any photo using the gallery app and the sync is on, copies stored in the cloud will be synced to your phone that is why even when you successfully deleted a picture, it would appear as though the deleted item return.

Solution to the Problem

Using your common sense, you can solve this problem and you don’t even need to have a tech-savvy brain to do this.

  1. Disconnect your phone from the internet or turn off all syncs.
  2. Delete photos you want to get rid of.
  3. Using your computer, log into your Google account and go to Google Plus or Picasa.
  4. Delete photos you want deleted from Google + and Picasa.
  5. From your phone, launch the gallery app and see if the picture you deleted would appear again.
  6. If it does then it could be just the cache so you need to clear Gallery’s cache by going to application manager under Settings.
  7. If clearing the cache won’t solve the problem, then proceed with clearing the data.
  8. Once you deleted the photo from the Gallery, Google + or Picasa, you can turn the syncs back on.

This simple procedure would surely solve problems related to pictures coming back of the gallery app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or any android device. I hope this helps.

To people who may have some insights on other ways to solve this issue, feel free to contact us.

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  1. I have done all of the above….. originally i uploaded my photos on computer and clicked the box marked delete photos from your phone once upload is complete. When this was all complete my photos still had not deleted off my phone! I tried manually, still no luck. I then rang my brother who is a samsung ambassador and for 2 hours we tried but he couldn’t figure it out. I tried all as you suggested above, but my phone still contains my pictures which will not delete off. I even tried to update my phone, switch it off etc etc … photos still there….has me baffled??

  2. Using your own common sense, can you see how ridiculous it is that I have to follow 8 steps just to permantly delete photos?

  3. why does my galaxie 6 leave pictures in gallery after i have moved them to an album.. drives me crazy and means sometimes i get a lot of duplicates.

  4. Step 2. Delete photos you want to get rid of.
    Where is the delete option? Where is the rubbish bin? Where is the way to delete photos?

    The whole idea of this page is to tell how to delete and then you don’t tell.

  5. Having selected multiple photos ànd pressed the delete option
    I am getting a message .’unable to delete’ .my pone is bunged up with ancient photos. help

  6. I appreciate this article opening up and discussing the topic. Overall I don’t think managing photos and ‘not having them reappear on my phone’ should be this complicated. I have LG G3 and I’m hugely frustrated with Google+ automatic photo backups as deleted photos keep reappearing. For example: 1. I delete a photo with the phones Google+ photos application (with the dialogue ‘Delete from everywhere’) 2. I check that the photo is gone from three places: the stock gallery app, Google+ on the phone, Google+ website. And then SOMETIME LATER ON (e.g. next day) for no apparent reason that deleted photo is BACK on my phone. In the stock gallery and in Google+ BUT it’s not back on the Google+ website. So now I see the photo in my Google+ app on my phone, but it’s not on the website/cloud. Even though the Google+ app is the telling me that ‘automatic backup has synced everything’. TWO main frustrations: 1. the reappearing photo 2. unability to trust that Google+ photo view on my phone and web is in sync – even though the phone app tells me so. Hugely frustrating!

  7. Hi guys i installed silent camera app it didn’t work very well so i uni stalled it but now i can’t remove the folder in gallery. I have tried to delete photos and folder but it starts to delete then quits and leaves the icons still there. There are no images in the icons but still won’t delete. Any help would be gratefully received.

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