Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Microphone Problems [Callers Can’t Hear Owner]

I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. When someone calls me I can hear the caller but he can’t hear a single word I’m saying and eventually my caller would disconnect the call. I use my phone for business and this problem started about a week ago. Although I have a different phone that I’m using to receive calls now, I would still welcome any ideas that would lead to the resolution of this problem.”

That is one of the emails we received that complain about a problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. After spending hours reading related posts from various technology forums online, I discovered the problem is common and many have already been complaining about it few weeks after they bought their phone.

Possible Causes

If you’ve been wondering what the problem is all about, well, Galaxy Note 2’s microphone is the culprit. That said, the issue could be minor but it could also be complicated especially when the problem is a result of hardware failure. But based on reports, the following are the possible causes:

  • Temporary device problem.
  • Temporary network problem.
  • Microphone hole is corroded.
  • Software needs updating.
  • Liquid damage.
  • Hardware problem.


Step 1: Reboot your phone. Before doing anything, take a minute restarting your Galaxy Note 2. If it is a temporary device problem, a simple reboot could be able to resolve it. There were many owners who said this problem is temporary and could be fixed without doing anything.

Step 2: Clean the microphone hole. Using a needle, gently clean the hole at the bottom of the phone to get rid of corrosion. Most of the times, when this problem occurs, cleaning the hole could actually fix it; it’s worth the time and effort.

Step 3: Update your firmware. If there is an available update for your phone, don’t hesitate to download it and install into your phone. While Samsung didn’t acknowledge the problem as a bug, there were reports that OTA updates could fix it.

Step 4: Liquid damage. When the phone is exposed to water or liquid, some electronic components won’t function the way they should. This problem could be just one of the many problems you’ll face if that’s the case. If you’re sure it’s water that’s causing it, don’t turn the phone on instead bring it to an authorized technician to be cleaned and dried.

Step 5: Network problem. If the problem is due to a problem in the network, you cannot really do something to fix it but wait until the time the problem was resolved. But you can call the hotline to inquire or report about the issue.

Step 6: Hardware issue. The worst case scenario would be that the microphone is broken and needs replacement. If this is the case, it may take weeks or months before the phone would be returned to you. If you’re on a contract, you can request for a unit replacement from your provider. Issues like this, as long as the phone wasn’t exposed to liquid, are often covered by warranty.

Having problems with your phone?

Tell us about them by emailing us at [email protected] Make sure to include as much details as possible so that we could understand the problem well and find the best solutions for you. If you can share a screenshot or two, that would be better.

We may not be able to respond to every email we receive but rest assured we do read them… yes, all of them even if some do look like spams.

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