Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 That Reboots Randomly

“Hey guys, my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 randomly reboots without apparent reason. How do I fix this?”

This is just one of the emails we received from our readers having problems with their phones. While others know exactly why their device reboots randomly, majority don’t. But let’s try to take a look at the possible causes of the problem so that we would an idea how to fix it.

Possible Causes

  • Temporary Galaxy Note 2 problem.
  • Third-party application is causing the problem.
  • Phone suffered physical or liquid damage.
  • Not enough memory available so the device crashes whenever new app or process is launched.
  • Phone’s firmware needs updating.
  • Device was rooted and corrupt third-party firmware was installed.


Solution 1. Soft-reset the phone to discharge it of static electricity. Turn it off then take the back panel off. Take out the battery and let the phone sit without power supply for a minute. Now, place the battery back and turn the phone on again. Observe the phone closely to know if the random reboot problem still occurs. This procedure is proven effective for temporary phone issues or if the device starts to act weird for no apparent reason.

Solution 2. Ask yourself if the problem started to manifest after you have installed a third-party app. If you did, you better disable or uninstall it to know if it’s the one causing the problem. Or, in case you don’t know exactly which app is causing it, you can boot the phone to Safe Mode so that all third-party apps would be disabled. If the problem won’t occur after doing so, you have to take a look at every app that’s on your phone if you don’t want to do a factory reset.

Solution 3. If the phone recently suffered a fall and got a physical damage like cracked screen or something broke, you might want to bring it to a technician to be checked. Something might have fallen off from the inside that’s interfering with the phone’s normal operation. In case the phone was exposed to liquid, try placing it under low heat to vaporize any liquid component from the inside. Also, refrain from using the phone if it’s wet, you would just add more damages to it.

Solution 4. Another common reason why Galaxy Note 2 reboots is when there is not enough memory left to cater needs of other apps. Try closing apps that are currently running. One thing to do that is by going to the Home screen, press and hold the Home button and swipe left or right each app you see. Then tap on Task Manager, then the tab that says “RAM.” From there you can see a button that says “Clear Memory,” tap on that and you’ll clear your phone’s memory.

Solution 5. Check for available updates for your device. Don’t hesitate to update it there’s one you can find. However, if you’re recently updated your phone then this problem started to show up, we recommend you do a factory reset with the new firmware on. Of course, back everything up in your phone before you do that.

Solution 6. For tech-savvy users who may rooted and installed custom ROMs, you might want to revert back to the original firmware and see if that works and if so, you can start from there again. If you wish to install a new ROM, feel free to do so.

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  1. my samsung note 2 restart againg and again and i remove battery and try to restart but on display model details on it waht to do?

  2. Hey Guys Pls Help me
    My phone getting restart automaticaly in every hours… no application installed because phone getting automaticaly resent within one day….. i tryied to hard reset but at the time of hard reset system showing no command error ….

    so anybuddy pls help me

  3. I had this new update available I downloaded it and during installation the battery ran out and it is rebooting it again and again within fraction of seconds can any one help please

  4. I found that the battery was a little loose and if it moved out of place it would restart. I secured the battery with a bit of paper and it hasn’t restarted since.

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