Real Racing 3 Freezes and Force Closes on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 [How to fix]

The Real Racing 3 Android game is among the best racing games available at the Play Store, however, there were reports that many Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners were complaining that the game freezes and lags or even force closes sometimes. Apps should not behave like this so clearly there is a problem, although, it’s not about compatibility because the app is totally compatible with the phone. When this problem happens to you, here are the things you need to do to fix it.

Can you guys help me? I’m a gamer and I love Real Racing 3. However, the app is not running smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It freezes every time I play and from time to time it crashes. I didn’t do anything to trigger the problem but I think it’s with the app. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.


Step 1: Restart the phone. There are times when technology fails without apparent reason. To eliminate this possibility, we advise you to reboot your phone when the problem happens. Reboot could refresh your phone’s memory and close processes that shouldn’t be running or jump-start the ones that are needed for it to run smoothly.

Step 2: Check for updates. If this has been a known issue, it could be a bug and fixes can only be gotten through updates. Thus, you need to launch the Play Store, go to My Apps and check if there is an available update for Real Racing 3. If there is, try updating the app and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise, proceed to other steps.

Step 3: Clear your phone’s memory or RAM. When there are a lot of services, processes and apps running all at once, there is a tendency that there is no sufficient memory or RAM left. Low memory would result to freezing of the apps as well as force closing. To clear the RAM, return to the Home screen, press and hold the Home button then touch Task Manager. Tap on the RAM tab then touch Clear Memory.

Step 4: Clear Real Racing 3 cache and data. If the problem persists after doing the above steps, there’s no other option but to clear the app’s cache and data. But we advise you clear the cache first and try again to see if the problem is solved. If that doesn’t work, then go on clearing the data. The reason why you always clear the data later is because you would lose all your settings as well as saved games and cars. Thus, you will start from the very beginning of your game and that’s a hassle.

Step 5: Reinstall Real Racing 3. After clearing its cache and data and the problem still persists, we could say there’s a problem with the installation. Therefore, you must uninstall it at once then reinstall the latest version from the Play Store. This procedure will delete all files associated with the app as well as services.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings then touch Application Manager.
  3. Swipe to left to choose All tab.
  4. Scroll to and tap Real Racing 3.
  5. Tap Uninstall button.
  6. Return to the Home screen then tap Apps.
  7. Launch Google Play Store.
  8. Search ‘real racing 3’, then download and install it.

Step 6: Factory reset. If the app still freezes or force closes after reinstallation, this time we could say there’s a problem with the device. Try to see if other games or apps behave like the Real Racing 3 does. If they do then its time you got the phone reset to its original settings. Of course, you would need to back up all your data.

  1. Turn your phone off.
  2. With the phone off, press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key, then press and hold the Power key. You’ll see the Android recovery screen.
  3. Scroll to Wipe Data/Factory Reset using the Volume Up or Down keys. Select with the power key.
  4. Scroll down to Yes, Delete User Data and select it.
  5. Back on the first screen, scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition and select it.
  6. Your factory reset is now complete.
  7. Go to Reboot System Now to restart the phone.


  1. Hi
    Can you help me,I have an Acer tablet Iconia one 8 b1-810 and when I play on real racing 3 ( 24 hours le mans,the game just crash after the green light.
    I be been trying every thing without success.please help me out.

  2. Can you help me to fixed the real racing 3 please and thank you please let me know iv you get this message to you safe please and thank you

  3. What to do if this is crashing on Nokia X Android. I am not able to get any answer. I found a similar discussion which says that it is not going to work.

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