6 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Fix For App Crashes, Freezing, Download Errors On Google Play Store [Part 1]”

  1. hi my samsung galaxy note 2’s screen randomly froze. turning the device off then back on, re booting,taking sim and sd card out etc still results in the screen freezing after about 60 seconds of turning it on. i couldn’t factory reset through my settings,it wouldn’t let me. i learnt how to factory reset with the power button,home key and volume up button. it seemed like it fixed the issue and a few hours later it froze again. i did the factory reset again and it went back to freezing 60 seconds after start up. it comes up with updates has stopped working then freezes shortly after that ( around 60 sec all up ). could you please help me solve this problem? thank you Adam.

  2. My galaxy note 2 will not open the in instashopper application, any ideas why it would not recognize it and open it

  3. My note 2 will not install any apps from Google whether from its store or from the internet.It just started a week ago.apps not of Google will install and all other functions work well.I get the authentication message when I try to install ‘haunted places usa’.it provides an app but is from Google store.

  4. Note 2 whatsApp error message:
    (Unfortunately whatsApp has stopped) !!
    It keeps on coming..
    1- I cleared whatsApp cash + restart= didn’t work.
    2- I Forced Stop & cleared whatsApp data+restart= didn’t work.
    3- Uninstalled whatsApp & re-installed again.
    Still the same error message comes & whatsApp shuts down.
    4 I tried installing an older version of whatsApp from apk. Mirror, but still nothing!!
    It gives error in unstallation.
    Also play store gived me (error -24) wjile installing whatsApp…
    I have enough storage & my phone & all apps working normally!
    I don’t want to format nor reset my device.
    Help me please.

  5. This article is nothing by clickbait.
    There is nothing tip-worthy in anything this article talks about.
    Basically, this article can be re-written as “Shit happening on your note2? FACTORY RESET IT!!..
    That’s it..
    No tip on what you might want to try before going to this step.. no tip on known apps that might generate error messages like the ones you’re talking about that the user might want to uninstall to see if things get better.. No real tips and/or tricks whatsoever.
    Telling people “factory reset” is like saying “have you tried turning it off and on again?”.. This is not something a “tech” page should jump to as the first and ONLY tip you are giving.
    Why not just revert back to “not working? Beat it with a hammer until it does”?

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