Top 5 Galaxy Note 2 Display Problems You Might Encounter [How To Fix Them]

One of the most fragile components in a smartphone is the display panel, which is mainly composed of glass. Therefore, you could almost be certain that when your phone falls from your pocket, the display panel breaks. At least, that’s the physical part of it. There are also other display problems that comes from the inside.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, there are 5 possible display problems you might encounter and they are as follow:

Blank Display

When the screen remains black and whatever you do it just won’t display any color, although backlights come on. If this happens to you then you’re hit by the blank display problem. The possible causes of this problem are:

  • Your phone does not have enough charge to power the display.
  • An application or service is causing it.
  • Your phone may have experienced physical or liquid damage.

To try and fix this problem, you would need to:

Step 1: Plug the charger to the phone and to the power source and let it sit for at least 10 minutes (or more) to charge. Try to turn the phone on and see if the screen displays texts and graphics or would boot up after a few minutes of charging.

Step 2: If you’ve installed a third-party application prior to the problem, then you have no choice but to assume it’s the one causing the problem. But since you can’t just disable or uninstall it because you cannot basically navigate through the Application Manager, you need to boot the Galaxy Note 2 to Safe Mode.

Step 3: Check if your phone suffered physical trauma or liquid damage. The former may cause misalignment inside while the latter will mess up with the circuitry.

Dead Pixels

One of the manifestations of a dead pixel is when you can see black or colored dots on the screen that won’t go away whatever you do. There are only 3 possible causes:

  • The pixel may be stuck and not dead at all.
  • A third-party app or game is causing it.
  • It’s a liquid damage

Try the following to fix it:

Step 1: Soft-reset the phone by taking the battery out for 30 seconds and starting the phone up normally. Usually, for stuck pixels, a reboot or a soft-reset could fix it.

Step 2: In case the dead pixel appeared after you’ve installed a specific app or game, try disabling or uninstalling it to verify if it’s really the cause. Otherwise, continue finding the app or service that may be causing it.

Step 3: If it’s a liquid damage, you better have the phone checked by an authorized technician. Phones damaged by water are out of warranty.

Cracked / Broken Screen

It is obvious that when your phone’s display cracks or breaks, something solid may have hit it or something heavy may have been placed over it. There are times when you can still use your phone even if the touchscreen has cracks. But for this issue, we advise you not to use your phone anymore. You should have a tech check on it because the panel may still be replaced.

Bleeding Screen

Liquid element comes out of the display panel even if there is no visible crack. Basically, for this issue, it is obvious that the liquid that’s coming out of the panel is foreign element. There are also times cases wherein the liquid remains underneath the screen. In that case, there is a crack(s) inside the display panel.

Unresponsive Screen

This issue is the most complicated among the problems mentioned in this post as it ranges from a very simple problem to a very complicated one. Here are the things you could do if the screen refuses to respond to your commands:

  1. Make sure your hand is dry. You may have applied lotion or newly washed your hands.
  2. The screen protector might be causing the problem. If you have considerably older and bruised screen protector, you might want to change that. On the other hand, if the problem occurred right after you put in a new one, you should consider replacing it.
  3. Check if your screen is clean, otherwise, wipe it with soft cloth.
  4. If there’s no apparent reason at all, try to reboot or soft-reset your phone.

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  1. you only gave the reason for the blank screen which is physical damage but I don’t see how it can be repaired
    please help

  2. I bought a galaxy note 2 from someone. They said they replaced the glass but what they did was put a new glass on the phone with no adhesive, so i have taped my glass and it’s not even to the frame (it socks up a little bit on the bit on the bottom). Do you know why

  3. i puchuse new glaxy note 2 since last night phone screen is black no charging & no starting i try to remove the battery & vol.+menu+pow…but… no rersult…..please tell me what to do.

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