Samsung Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Not Working Even with Strong Signal

So far, have posted various articles covering Galaxy Note 2 WiFi problems. But still, we get flooded with questions about the subject through The Droid Guy Mailbag.

So, for the benefit of our readers out there who are encountering this particular issue in their Android devices, especially the Galaxy Note 2, we would like to share these additional solutions that you can try out.

Possible Solutions to for Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Not Working

You can try out the solutions below to fix the issue with your Galaxy Note 2 WiFi:

1. Soft Reset Devices

Try removing the battery of your Galaxy Note 2 while it is powered On. Then, put it back again and let it boot. This will refresh your phone’s system and remove its minor bugs. However, this only provides a temporary solution based on some forum feedbacks.

You can also try resetting your router or unplug and plug it from its power source.

2. Configure Settings

One user in AndroidCentral forums suggested reconnecting to the network using these steps:

  • Open the WiFi configuration menu
  • Select the Forget button
  • Disconnect the Galaxy Note 2 WiFi
  • Restart the phone
  • Access WiFi again by reentering all your login details

According to some people experiencing this trouble, this solution somehow worked for them.

3. Remove Suspicious Apps

Freeing your device from suspicious or unauthentic apps will also help you resolve the issue.

For more information about WiFi problems in Android devices, we recommend reading these articles that we have previously published in our site:

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  1. Hi I’m using Samsung galaxy note 2. I just bought it recently. I’m unable to connect to wifi due to the security policy that kept appearing on the left top of the phone. I’m also unable to update it at all. What am I to do? I don’t wish to use my data to update it.

  2. Hi,
    My Note 2 really goes bananas..

    I have a single connection with 2 wifi hotspot at the office, 1st floor uses Bluelink and 2nd floor uses TP-Link. And I have access to both web settings. Both settings are the same.
    Before my Note 2 was automatically upgraded to 4.4.2 , it can connect to both (one at a time) without any problems.
    But now, it can only connect to the 1st floor’s hotspot, which the signal, unfortunately, does not cover 2nd floor.. (Bluetooth and mobile data: very normal)
    My Laptop can connect normally. I take downstairs, it connects, I bring upstairs, it connects.
    There are also 3 other laptops that can connect normally. (one of them is Mac)
    There are also Blackberry phones, iPhones and other Android (4.2.1) phone which is really really cheaper than this ‘SAMSUNG NOTE 2’ that connects perfectly.
    I went to other locations with wifi and it was good.
    At first, my Note 2 had a 4.1 or 4.2 (I don’t really remember) and it went very well. 24 hours connected.
    Then it was auto upgraded to 4.3 something, and there begins the “WIFI Unstable” issues, although the signal is 100%.
    I managed and still can live with that..
    And now with 4.4.2, it really hates the TP-Link wifi…
    I tried all your suggestions (except hard reset) with no luck.
    A few days ago, I tried to tweak the TP-Link just to know whether it can cure or not.
    I switch between WPA and WPA2, AES and TKIP, suddenly it connects.
    But it did not succeed reconnecting after I carry to 1st floor and back to 2nd floor.
    Of course I can use my mobile data service, but its much slower.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. On my Note2.
    Going to Settings->More->Application Manager->Running and stopping “AT&T Smart Wi-Fi” seems to have fixed the Wi-Fi problem for me.
    After stopping “AT&T Smart Wi-Fi” turning my Wi-Fi on on my Note 2 worked perfectly.
    And this seems to have fixed my Bluetooth which also was not working.
    (Note: I’m using the Note 2 on the Straight Talk phone network)

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