Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flashing Red Light

A new email came in Mailbag about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 flashing red light issue. The message reads, “I keep getting a frame of red flashing light whenever I change from one item or page to another.  The battery is charged up.  Thank you for your response.”

Solutions to the Galaxy Note 2 Flashing Red Light

The Galaxy Note 2 flashing red light or the reddish glow showing up on the edges of your screen while browsing apps is only caused by the configuration of your device so no need to raise the alarms when you see it. Basically, this function is triggered when you have the Strict Mode function on.

Strict Mode gives off the Galaxy Note 2 flashing red light when the applications running in it are using a lot of system memory.

Disabling Galaxy Note 2 Strict Mode

You can deactivate Strict Mode to remove the annoying red flashes in your display by following the steps below:

  • Open the App icon
  • Go to Settings
  • Under the System section, tap Developer Options
  • Navigate your way to the Monitoring section where you will find Strict Mode
  • Simply check or uncheck the box located in Strict Mode to activate its feature

Perform a Soft Reset

If the Galaxy Note 2 Flashing red light continues to appear even after deactivating the Strict Mode feature, Soft Reset your device by simply holding down its Power button for 10 to 20 seconds until it restarts.

Do a Factory Reset

When everything fails to remove the annoying Galaxy Note 2 flashing red light, go to Recovery Mode by holding down the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons altogether until the phone starts. Then, choose the Factory Reset option to bring it back to its factory settings and eliminate all the problems in its system files which are causing the bug.

Remember to backup your phone before doing a Factory Reset though because it will completely wipe off all the stored data in your device.

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