How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Error Messages [Part 12]

There were twenty problems / issues I addressed in this post so, please take a little time browsing reading through it if you have concerns with your phone just to check if I already addressed them. If you cannot find them here, try the first eleven parts of this series. This is the 12th edition of our Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions series so there were already more than a hundred user-reported problems I’ve addressed since I started publishing posts like this.

#1. Phone shows 1 message unread

Problem: Hi, I am running this phone for almost 2 years and I was happy using it. There was some system update (almost 5 months back) after which, all my internal phone storage was wiped out. Till then again things went smooth until recently, I am seeing a bug probably. The messaging app is showing 1 message unread notification on the app icon. Even though no messages are unread. Not sure how to resolve this bug. Tried to download few apps from Google Play Store but are not able to over come this issue. If you can help regarding the same, it would be useful. Thanks. Regards, Sunny.

Solution: It’s probably just a glitch in the service called BadgeProvider. This problem was common in 2013 before and after the roll out of the Jelly Bean but could easily be fixed by clearing both cache and data of the service mentioned. Go to Settings > More tab > Application manager > All tab > BadgeProvider > Clear cache > Clear data > OK.

#2. Note 2 keeps hanging after 4.4.2 update

Problem: Hi Droid Guy, I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (India). Recently, I updated it to android 4.4.2 and shortly after that I started encountering few problems with it. The phone keeps on hanging in the lock screen alot with the power button not working to unlock the device. Sometimes leaving it for 5-10 minutes works and other times I had to restart the device. One other problem which I m facing is that the Samsung keyboard keeps on crashing. I have a lot of apps but they were even there before I updated and the device worked fine.

Hoping for some quick remedy. Thank you, Sawan.

Solution: If this issue is firmware-related, then I am sure there are other problems you may have not discovered yet. But the most common root cause is corrupt data. All you need to do is clear all those corrupt data that are still saved in the phone to force it to cache fresher and newer ones. First thing to do is wipe cache partition via the recovery mode, if that doesn’t fix the problem then perform master reset.

#3. Note 2 punches numbers during call

Problem: Hello, sorry to bother you, I’m having issues with my Galaxy Note 2 that has recently cropped up. It deals with an issue that happens while making a phone call. What has been happening is during a call, the screen is off but for some reason random numbers are getting punched in. My face won’t be near it and it’ll continue to happen. I’ve tried a headset to combat the issue but even with that, the dialer will sometimes put in numbers but nothing is touching the screen. I’ve cleaned the screen off, I’ve taken the otter box I had on it off and tried looking where I could for solutions. I’ve even done factory resets with no luck. Is my phone pretty much on the verge of having a melt down or is there a work around for this? If it matters, the phone is rooted. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give, C. Clifford.

Solution: Ma’am, I am almost certain this is a hardware issue. The worst thing that could happen is that you may be asked to purchase a new digitizer, it’s the glass on top of the screen that is responsible for making touch screen possible. However, it is possible that some components inside were damaged as well, so you really need to have the phone checked by an authorized technician.

#4. Bluetooth sync problem

Problem: Hi, Android guy, love your tips on Note 2 problems! I have a 2012 BMW 535 XI and I can’t get the Note 2 to Bluetooth sync with the car. My wife Galaxy S4 syncs beautifully, my Note 2…NOT SO MUCH! Help, wanting to be handsfree. — Mike

Solution: While many have been complaining not being able to stream on their cars via Bluetooth, Samsung didn’t issue a statement to acknowledge the problem, so it remains an issue. But based on testimonies of users who also encountered the problem when syncing their phones with their cars, using A2DP Connect 2 could solve the problem. As of now, there are solutions that exist to solve this problem, so try downloading that app from the Play Store and see if that fixes the problem.

#5. Note 2 screen freezes

Problem: Hi there, I love how you help us ‘androidies’. Well my wife’s Note 2 phone just started freezing the screen after booting up. It is the MEA version running on Android 4.3 . What do you think could be the problem and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance. — Robert

Solution: Well, I think one of the apps or services causes this problem. But seriously, I cannot provide more information because basically you told me nothing about the problem; you simply said the phone started ‘freezing.’ If the phone has liquid damage, then have it cleaned and dried immediate. If it was dropped, then have it checked by an authorized technician as components inside are vulnerable. However, if none of those happened, then try booting the phone to safe mode just to check if the it would still freeze while in that state. If so, then factory reset may be necessary. But if the phone works well in safe mode, then a third-party app is causing the problem, so find it and disable or uninstall it.

#6. Caller cannot hear

Problem: So I have been searching the feeds and haven’t found this problem. When I receive phone calls from other cell phones the caller can’t hear me and I have to call them back and everything is fine. I noticed it never happens when someone is calling from a landline phone. I have tried a lot of tips but none seems to work. When the caller calls I can hear them just fine but they cant hear me at all. I’m not sure if its just my phone or if its a lot of people having this issue.

Solution: There were considerably a lot of people having this problem and majority of them were caused by a defective microphone. There were, however, cases that the problem was with the firmware. So, if I asked you if this problem started to manifest recently, then it is more likely a software issue. You can try doing factory reset to see if it fixes the problem, if not, then bring the phone in for a checkup.

#7. Can’t use mobile data after the update

Problem: My Note 2 had updated to 4.4.2 jelly bean but after the update my mobile data can’t be used anymore. It can connect to WiFi only. Even though I restart my phone, it’s the same. Please help me.

Solution: Well, if this happened after the update then it could be just some corrupt data. You need to clear them by booting the Note 2 to recovery mode and wipe cache partition, and then reboot the phone normally. If that doesn’t help, then backup all your data and perform factory reset.

#8. Overlapping, doubled icons

Problem: Hello I am having an issue with my phone and I don’t know how to fix it. On the home screen the icons on the right top are doubled and overlapped. I’ve searched online and can’t find anything specific. This phone was a gift and I haven’t hooked it up to service yet. Please help. Thank you, Jeff.

Solution: Is it brand new? If so, there’s no point in troubleshooting it when you can have it replaced. If it’s not a brand new phone, I’m sure you haven’t saved data in it yet, so try doing factory reset to see if that helps. If not, then it’s a hardware problem.

#9. Google+ crashes

Problem: Hi, I have a problem with my Google+ keeps crashing. Can you help me with this? Thank you.

Solution: Well, the first thing to do is to clear cache and data of the Google+ app. If that doesn’t help, launch the Play Store and try to see if there are available updates for any Google service. If there is, install the update and reboot the phone to know if the problem would fixed. If it continues, however, try doing factory reset. Make sure you backup all your data first.

#10. Note 2 wouldn’t turn on

Problem: Hi, maybe you can help me. Last night I noticed my Note 2 screen wouldn’t come on. I charged it up overnight and still the same. Is there a particular boot mode I can use or something? Cheers, Michael.

Solution: Did you see the usual charging icon? If not, then try to use a different charger or plug the phone to a computer or laptop just to make sure it charges. However, if the phone shows a different icon, try to use a different battery. If the problem is neither caused by the charger nor the battery, then there is a possibility that the USB port has issues. But try booting the phone to recovery mode or safe mode if it can. If not, then bring the phone to a technician and have it checked.

#11. Camera icon from lock screen

Problem: I upgraded to 4.4.2 just 4 days ago on my Galaxy Note GT-N7100. One feature I looked forward to is the camera access from the lock screen. Sadly there is none. I went through all the configuration settings and cannot find any options to enable it. Is the upgrade faulty?

Solution: You can add just about anything on the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Just go to Settings > My device > Lock screen. There must be an option there that allows you to add the camera on the lock screen, if not then add a shortcut and point it to the camera app.

#12. Refusing software upgrade

Problem: On my Galaxy Note 2 I am constantly getting a request to install a software update. It only gives me two choices install now or install later. I simply do not want this particular upgrade. Is there any way that I can get rid of the notification… Just refuse this particular upgrade? Thanks so much, Susan.

Solution: You will need to root your device so you would have full administrator permission. Once it has already been rooted, a friend of mine said renaming two files would eventually stop or kill OTA updates. Using a file manager app, rename files FWupgrade.apk to FWupdate.bak and SDM.apk to SDM.bak.

#13. Unable to move apps

Problem: Hi, my name is Will. I have the Galaxy Note 2. My problem is with storage. When I try to move an app(one I downloaded), to the sd card, I get the message “unable to move app”. Any suggestions?

Solution: I don’t know what the real problem here is since there isn’t much information but I assume you have sufficient space left and that the SD card is functioning well. I also don’t know how and when the problem started or if there are some significant activities that happened on the phone prior to this problem. But I would suggest you use moborobo application, which can be downloaded to your computer. It would help you move apps successfully via your computer. Here is the link to that tutorial.

#14. Proximity sensors not working

Problem: Hi, I purchased note 2 model N7100 some six months ago and now from few days the proximity sensors and palm wave sensors are not working. Please help.

Solution: By ‘not working’ I assume you already tried calibrating the sensor. If not yet, then try dialing *#0*# to launch the diagnostic tool. If the phone says something is ‘close’ to the sensor during the test, then that something could be just dust. Compressed air blown into the sensor’s hole in the front of the device would often solve the issue. There is no reason for the sensor to malfunction unless the phone was dropped, damaged by water, or settings were messed up. If compressed air couldn’t solve the problem, try backing up your data and performing factory reset. If all else fails, it’s time you brought the phone in for check up by a technician.

#15. Phone turns off randomly

Problems: Dear droid guy, I am having problems in my Note 2 after updating 4.4.2 kit kat:

  1. Images not saving in vaulty app.
  2. Mobile switches off suddenly.
  3. Videos also not saving in vaulty app.

Please fix these problem as soon as possible. Thanking you!

Solution: As early as now I want you to backup all your important data or those you don’t want to lose especially those that are saved in that Vaulty app of yours. Of course, it would appear that the 4.4.2 update is at fault here considering these problems started after your downloaded and installed the new firmware version. But I think the problem is more of a compatibility issue than anything else. But after backing up your data, try clearing the cache and data of the vaulty app. See if that solves the problem. If that fails, perform factory reset.

#16. Call waiting option

Problem: I need your help. When I m on a call & receive another call I can not put the current call on hold & answer the incoming call. Is it a certain setting that my phone has to be on. Hope you can solve this problem. Thanks!

Solution: Yes, there is a setting for that. Try this: touch Apps > Phone > Menu key > Call settings > Additional settings > Call waiting. And then make sure the checkbox next to call waiting option is ticked. Once you did this, you would be able to hear and answer new incoming calls even if you’re in a call.

#17. Widgets not refreshing

Problem: Hi, I’m using Galaxy note 2 N7100 I have a problem that sometimes all the widgets do not refresh, I tried to delete it and put it again but that didn’t work until I reboot the device. P.S: my device is rooted.

Solution: You know what, it could have been more helpful if you included the name of the widget that has problems. But I have reason to believe it’s just a matter of turning on background data of your phone. Try that first and if that doesn’t solve it, contact us again and make this post a reference so you don’t have to explain yourself again. This time, please, include the name of the widget you’re having problems with. Thanks.

#18. Update ATT Note 2

Question: I have AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-1317 would like to know how to update it to Kit Kat 4.4?

Answer: While I know Android 4.4 KK would soon be rolled out for the Note 2 devices across the globe, AT&T still hasn’t made it available for its customers. So, for now, try to wait for the roll out. But if you want, you can root your phone and flash custom KK ROMs available for free online. However, if you want to wait for the stock firmware, make sure your phone currently has these information as they are pre-requisites to the KK update:

  • Software (Android) version: 4.3
  • Baseband version: I317UCUBMK6
  • Kernel version: 3.0.31-2048209
  • Build number: JSS15J.I317UCUBMK6

#19. Note 2 stuck in sleep mode

Problem: Hi, I have a Note 2 , I turned my phone off or put it in “sleep mode” then I tried to turned on but it just stuck on the sleep mode, what should I do?

Solution: Reboot your phone. If it doesn’t respond to the power key press, remove the battery for a minute then attempt to turn it on. Also, you may want to turn off the power saving mode if it’s enabled.

#20. Can’t update Note 2

Problem: I’m having problems downloading and installing updates from Verizon. I’m using 4.1, I’m sure the update is 4.3. When the pop up comes, I try to use the update, it seems me to recovery mode, the tells me I’m unable to download (update failed). When I check my phone for updates it says it’s up to date. Any help would be great. Thank you.

Solution: Your email subject says your Note 2 is rooted. So, the first thing I would want you to do is to un-root your phone just to rule out the possibility that rooting caused this problem. Once you did that try downloading the update again and if it still fails, try using KIES to do so.


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