Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sound Problem

“Hi there. I was just on a website that suggested I try asking you for help regarding my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sound issues.

Within the past month or so, my audio on my phone has been acting a little weird. The Note 2 sound problem happens when I listen to music through my speaker, I am plugged into auxiliary cable in my vehicle or ear buds. It will play loud for an undetermined amount of time, then play very softly. This happens at a random and in a repeated manner.

It occurs in my audio player, YouTube videos, and videos recorded by me on the phone. It’s really starting to upset me cause I drive a lot for work and need music.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated to help me fix this problem. Hopefully without having to reset to factory settings. Thanks for your time.”

This message concerning a Galaxy Note 2 sound problem was sent by Marc through Mailbag.

Possible Solutions to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sound Problem

Check whether the problem is software or hardware-related by entering Safe Mode. From there, try to open the stock music app of your phone and play a song with and without the earplugs. If the problem no longer occurs under that mode while your phone is plugged or unplugged to a sound system, then, it is most likely a software issue. The possible way to solve this is via Factory Reset or uninstalling the app causing the trouble.

But if the problem still persists in Safe Mode, whether it is plugged or unplugged in a sound system, the issue is most probably in the hardware of your phone or the earphones you are using (if it only happens while an external sound device is inserted).

If the problem is found to be connected with the earphone, the best way to fix it is by replacing it with a more reliable one. Use an accessory from Samsung or one that is highly compatible with Samsung devices (the frequency of the accessory should also match with the phone).

However, if the Note 2 sound problem takes place even when an earplug is not connected, bring it to a technician for a thorough checkup already. Sound problems can happen when the volume buttons are stuck, there is a problem with the phone’s sensors or there is an electrical trouble somewhere within the device.

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  1. I have this problem though it is slightly different than described. My Note 2, completely out of the blue, will start playing from the last active audio app for 3-5 secs and then stop. Also, after starting to play audio it will randomly pause/stop after 5 to 30 minutes. It happens with any audio app (iHeart, Pandora, Player Pro, Double twist). The pausing also happens in video apps. I haven’t tried the safe reboot, but try that today.
    It all started in the last month or so. And I have tried uninstalling the apps and other newer apps. Since it is all random, I can’t reproduce it with any effort. Please help!

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