Top 6 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Camera Problems You May Encounter

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may suffer from any of the six most common camera problems that hit many users since the phone was released in 2012. There were quite a lot of emails we received complaining about issues regarding their camera. A quick search online suggests that the Galaxy Note 2 is not the only device suffering from these issues. Here is a couple of emails we received from our readers:

Emails From Our Readers

Galaxy Note 2 Camera Failed 

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 about a couple of months ago. I love the phone and its features and I never had problems with it…at least, until recently. It is about a week now that I’m getting “Camera Failed” message whenever I launch the phone’s camera app. I used to take photos with the phone before the problem started and I don’t have a single clue why it’s happening.

Galaxy Note 2 Camera Crashes 

It’s a bit strange to me but I just can’t seem to open the camera of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, at least, that’s what happens most of the time. There are also times when I could open the camera but my phone would hang for about 5 to 10 seconds then the application closes by itself. 

Galaxy Note 2 Camera Problems & Fixes

The following are the six most common camera problems that exist on Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Camera Failed

More often, this problem is caused by a software glitch and not hardware. The message “Warning: Camera Failed” would appear every time you launch the app. Possible causes would be:

  • Temporary phone issue.
  • Minor problem with the camera application.
  • There is not enough memory to complete the task.
  • Hardware issue.

Here are the steps you need to do to troubleshoot the problem:

Step 1: Reboot Galaxy Note 2. A lot of owners reported the problem could be fixed by a simple reboot. It means that the phone encountered unexpected or temporary issue and the camera app (or maybe the hardware i.e. sensors) was affected. It is always recommended you do a reboot before anything else.

Step 2: Clear Camera App Data. Some settings may have been messed up causing the app to stop working and corrupt its data. After the reboot, if the camera still refuses to work normally, try clearing its data by going to Applications Manager. You need to force close the app first before you hit the Clear Data button. This often resolves the problem.

Step 3: Close Apps in the Background. While the Galaxy Note 2 has a lot of RAM for its processes and services, there would always come a time that it would run out of it for some reason. If this is the case, go back to the Home screen, press and hold the Home button until the list of recently used apps appears. Swipe each app left or right to close them, then reboot your phone.

Step 4: Factory Reset. For hardware issues, it is always recommended to have the technician check your device but before you actually set an appointment, try bringing the phone back to its original settings by doing a factory reset. This procedure can fix a lot of problems including hardware glitches.

Camera App Crashes

As what our reader told us in his email, the camera app in his Galaxy Note 2 often won’t load but every time he was able to run it, the phone freezes then the app closes by itself. These are the signs of a problematic application. Here’s what you need to do in case you encounter this:

Step 1: Force Close, Clear Data & Cache. These procedure will refresh both the phone and the application. Go to Settings, then Application Manager. Find Camera and tap on it. Inside Camera Settings, tap the Force Close button, then Clear Data followed with Clear Cache. Try launching the app to see if it works. Otherwise, do the next step.

Step 2: Clear Data & Cache of Gallery App. When there is a lot of photos the Gallery app needs to load, it often freezes, which would also affect the camera app. These apps work hand-in-hand; the camera takes photos while the gallery manages them. That is why it makes sense that when Gallery messes, Camera would be affected. Go to Application Manager and find Gallery, tap Clear Data then Clear Cache. Please note you may lose your personal settings by doing this.

Scratched / Cracked Camera Lens

If your phone fell from your pocket or hit by something hard, usually it is the camera lens that would suffer simply because it is made of thin glass; it is even thinner than the glass used for the display panel. We’ve seen this from drop tests done by many tech bloggers.

Obviously, there is nothing much you can do than to send your phone for repair. The cause of the breakage would be determined and based on that, you might or might not be able to claim warranty. When the technician finds it’s the camera lens that has a problem, a new camera might be installed. If you’re on contract, you might even receive replacement unit.

Foggy Lens

It is common to see the lens of the camera is foggy and if it’s on the outside, you could simply wipe it off with a dry smooth cloth. This occurs when you touched the lens with your hands oily or wet. A foggy lens is unacceptable for people who are meticulous when it comes to the quality of the photo.

Not all foggy lenses can be wiped off from the outside. If your phone has been exposed to liquid, there is a tendency that the lens would become foggy from the inside; the small amount of liquid may have condensed on the camera lens. Eventually, the liquid would evaporate but if you want to get rid of the fog fast, you just need a little sunlight: place the phone under direct sunlight for a short while and the liquid would be gone in no time. But don’t overdo it as the phone may overheat.

Camera Displays Blank Screen

The possible causes of this problem are the following: camera app hanging, and a third-party app freezes the phone.

More often, when the camera app runs but hangs a few seconds after the launch, it would lead to a blank screen. According to one XDA developer I’ve asked about this problem, the application is running in the background by it’s not in control of the camera hardware anymore, hence, the blank screen. Force closing the camera app from Application Manager would solve the issue. However, when this problem occurs more often, clearing Camera data and cache may fix it.

On the other hand, if a third-party is causing freezes to your phone, you only have two options: disable the app or uninstall it. This problem is common to users who tried using third-party gallery applications.

Dark Spots On Photos

Among the Galaxy Note 2 camera problems mentioned here, this one is the rarest. There were only a couple of users I know who encountered it. What happens is that dark spots are visible on the screen when taking photos. Naturally, you would look at the camera lens to see if there are dark spots on it. If there is, you’re lucky because there is no problem with the camera. Otherwise, you have to send the phone for repair because the sensor maybe defective.

Tell us your phone problems

We are among the very few online communities that is open to receive questions from our readers about the problems they’ve encountered with their phones. Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and tell us your problems and we will do our own research to be able to provide you with solutions and / or ideas that may lead to the resolution of your problems. That’s for free. All we ask of you is to mention all possible details so we’ll know where to start.


  1. Hi, very similar to Problem 2:
    S7 front cam issue only, the rear is fine.
    Switch to front cam and I get approx 3 seconds of preview then it freezes and I get a “Warning, Unknown error occurred”.

    Front cam works fine through the service mode *#0*# HwModuleTest

    I have gone through all recommended steps to fix it up to and including factory reset.

    Problem is still evident using alternative 3rd party cam app.

    Any help is appreciated, cheers

  2. by mistake I left the my samsung note 2 for nearly 2 hours in the hot sun. now it says that
    I am not able to use the mobile. any solution

  3. I have some spots that I can not clean away. I have never dropped the phone or have had it in water or rain. I have to remove them in Lightroom or Photoshop. Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900.

  4. Hi im using Samsung Galaxy Note2 N7100 since 1 year. Today I have noticed a weird problem with my phone rear camera. I took a picture of some lights decoration and the same picture was also taken from another phone. The worst part was my picture lights were blur and the other photo was very clear. I tried many apps and also cleaned the lens but didn’t work.
    Kindly guide me to any process to over come the situation.

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