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How to fix Xbox One wifi issues

How To Fix Xbox One Can’t Connect To Wifi | Wifi Not Working

If your Xbox One console can’t seem to connect to wifi or wireless network, there’s a set of troubleshooting steps that you must do in order to narrow down the causes. This article might help if you have any of these problems in your console: can’t detect your own wireless networkcan’t see any wireless network.

How to fix Xbox One won't read disc issue.

How To Fix Xbox One Won’t Read Disc Or Disc Error

If your Xbox One console won’t read a game disc, there’s no need to panic. In majority of cases, this problem is fixable. Although this issue is one of the common problems in Xbox One consoles over the years, users don’t usually end up sending their console to a Service Center or getting help from

How to reset Xbox One Power Supply Unit.

Reset The Power Supply Of Xbox One To Fix No Power

If your Xbox One console appears to have no power or not turning on at all, it may have something to do with the Power Supply Unit or PSU. Try checking the power cable and its ends to see if the connection is loose. In most cases, this is enough to fix an Xbox One

Fix Steam won't go online issue.

How To Fix Steam Won’t Go Online Or Stuck In Offline Mode

There may be times when Steam won’t go online or gets stuck in offline mode. If you’re experiencing any of these problems lately, there’s a set of troubleshooting steps that you can do to fix them.  This guide will show you some of the common solutions that we find effective in fixing Steam connection troubles.

How to fix Steam game won't start.

How To Fix Steam Game That Won’t Download Or Start

Are you having trouble with a particular Steam game that won’t download or start? Don’t panic as this issue is usually within your ability to fix.  This troubleshooting guide will show you the solutions that you can try to fix this type of problem. There are a number of effective solutions that you must do

How to fix Call of Duty Mobile won't connect.

How To Fix Call of Duty Mobile Won’t Connect Issue

If your Call of Duty Mobile game won’t connect, there’s high likelihood that it may go away on its own. Major issues with this game have so far been due to server issues which are usually fixed by Activision in no time. So, if your game won’t start all of a sudden, or if you’re

How to fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller disconnecting issue.

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Disconnecting Issue

If one or two of your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers keeps disconnecting, the cause of the problem is most likely temporarily. Most of controller issues for this console have so far been fixable on a user’s level. So, in case you’re one of the unlucky gamers who have a disconnecting controller all the time, this

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Fast Battery Drain Issue

The Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest gaming consoles today but many users find that it has a fast battery drain issue. For many, 2 or 3 hours of gaming is not enough but sadly, this is usually what the Nintendo Switch can provide most of the time. If you are wondering how to

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Game Card Not Working

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for help about your Nintendo Switch game card or cartridge not working. Fortunately for you, this is exactly what this post is all about.  There are two ways on how to put a game in a Nintendo Switch. One is by buying a game online via Nintendo

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV.

Easy Steps To Connect A Nintendo Switch To A TV

One of the core functions of your Nintendo Switch is to act as a home console so that you can connect it to a TV for a richer gaming experience. If you want to play games on a bigger screen, then you’ll be happy to know that the Switch is designed to work with any

How to fix TikTok crashing issue on Android

How To Fix TikTok Crashing Issue On Android

There are hundreds of millions of TikTok users around the world and some have reported the app crashing on their Android for no apparent reason. While majority of users don’t generally encounter major problems with this app, there’s still a significant number of TikTok fanatics out there that may be experiencing issues. If you are

How to show Nintendo Switch Battery indicator

How To Show Nintendo Switch Battery Percentage

This article will show you how to display the Battery Percentage icon on a Nintendo Switch. This console is one of the most popular handheld gaming devices today. With over 50 million of these consoles sold all over the world, it can be safely declared as a success. And rightfully so. Nintendo games are some

How To Fix Incorrect Nintendo Switch Battery Indicator

One of the uncommon yet confusing issues for some Nintendo Switch consoles is when there’s incorrect battery indicator. This is usually due to a software error although in some cases, bad hardware is also to blame.  If you can continue using your Nintendo Switch console even though the battery indicator is saying that power is

Nintendo Switch won't turn on

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Not Turning On (No Power)

If you find your Nintendo Switch not turning on all of a sudden, there’s no need to panic right away as the battery may have simple run out of juice. This is a common scenario for many gamers who often use their consoles for longer periods. What you need to do in this case is

How to fix unresponsive Nintendo Switch.

How To Fix A Frozen Or Unresponsive Nintendo Switch

Some gamers may experience glitches from time to time. If your Nintendo Switch console has become unresponsive or frozen, it may be due to a minor app bug or a software glitch. At other times, hardware malfunction may be to blame, like when a battery is damaged, or there’s an unknown motherboard issue. In majority

How to fix Nintendo Switch not charging.

Easy Ways To Fix Nintendo Switch Not Charging

While Nintendo Switch is loved by millions around the world, many users also find that sometimes the console can’t live up to its claimed 6-hour gaming battery endurance. At some other times, some Nintendo Switch consoles are also encountering issues by not charging at all. Both of these issues are significant since they affect the

How to fix PS4 won't turn on.

How To Fix PS4 (PlayStation 4) Console Won’t Turn On

There can be several factors that can cause why your PS4 won’t turn back on. The causes can vary widely, ranging from issues with power cable to a software glitch. Some of these causes may lead to a minor power problem while some may require expertise like hardware repair. As an end user, there are

PS4 controller flashing blue light.

How To Fix (PlayStation 4) PS4 Controller Flashing Blue

A Sony PlayStation 4 wireless controller relies on colored lighting to indicate a certain state or error to a user so if yours has a flashing blue light showing up, you’ll need to check if it’s paired or synced to another device. An unstable or unsuccessful connection is usually the reason for a flashing blue